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Microsoft Enhances Security Functionality to Thwart Ransomware Attacks

New Microsoft Feature Added to Stop Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft recently released a new product feature, controlled file access, in an attempt to increase the security of endpoints.  The concept of this technology runs on a default deny approach.

Controlled file access allows users to control which files are able to be accessed and altered by different software.  The users create a list of the files they want monitored for controlled access.  From there, they are able to whitelist certain software programs that are authorized to access, edit, create and/or remove files from these particular folders.  If users choose to implement this technology, any malware that tries to access, alter, or encrypt files will be stopped.

This all may sound quite familiar to several users, primarily those who are using PC Matic.  PC Matic implements a whitelist approach to protect our end-point users from malware infections.  It is because of this approach; our users remain protected from today’s cyber security threats, ransomware included.

Enabling Controlled File Access

Controlled file access is available through the Windows Defender Security Center, which can be found by typing “Windows Defender Security Center” in the search bar near the Start menu.  However, this feature is only available to end-users who have the Fall Creators update.  This update is being rolled out on a gradual basis.  Although, users do have the opportunity to go directly to the Microsoft website to install the update.  However, this is only suggested for advanced users.  Express has reported users experiencing issues within the Fall Creator’s update including disappearing apps and issues within particular apps themselves.

PC Matic encourages users to wait for the update to reach their computer through the roll-out process.

**Controlled file access requires for Windows Defender Real-Time Protection to be enabled.  If it is disabled, this option will not be available.  Windows Defender disables itself when another security solution is installed.  PC Matic users can rest assured, the application whitelist technology will block ransomware attacks just as effectively as the controlled file access.

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