Traditional Antivirus Solutions Fail 40% of the Time

A recent study found approximately 40% of end users who had a traditional antivirus in place during the first half of this year, experienced a malware attack.  Traditional security solutions include a vast majority of those on the market.  They are software programs that utilize a blacklist technology, which only blocks known malware threats.  Therefore, all unknown files are allowed to execute.  This creates issues because new malware variants are released daily, meaning keeping the blacklist updated is impossible.

Instead of trying to chase down the newly developed malware variants, the world needs an alternative security solution.  This solution is a whitelist.  Instead of only blocking known malware variants, an application whitelist only allows for trusted security solutions to execute.  Therefore, these new, unknown malicious software variants are blocked from running on endpoints; thus maintaining the highest level of security available.  This default deny approach has been proven far more successful in malware prevention and detection by Virus Bulletin.

Currently, very few antivirus solutions are utilizing the application whitelist approach.  One security platform that has had a whitelist in place since 2011 in PC Matic.  Instead of waiting for the next malware attack, stay protected with an endpoint solution that focuses on prevention instead of remediation.

PC Matic is available for home users, while PC Matic Pro is available to businesses, non-profits, government agencies and educational institutions.

**If you are a PC Matic subscriber, and need assistance with the program, you may reach out support team at

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3 thoughts on “Traditional Antivirus Solutions Fail 40% of the Time

  1. White list come with their own set of problems, particularly for the not so tech savvy users.
    Some effort to address these might have proved helpful.
    Instead you bombard us with PC Matic ads.
    Well i for one are over this & because of the aggressive marketing I would seek another supplier.

  2. i recently purchased your product for my computer and have since bought another desktop can i get your product on the new computer

    • Of course! Just download PC Matic using the Free button on After you install the product click on “Login”, it will be in the bottom left corner of PC Matic and sign in with your email address and password used for purchase!

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