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Convenience Deemed More Critical Than Online Security

Online Security Takes Backseat to Convenience

Although cyber security has been brought to everyone’s attention due to the recent global ransomware attacks, and major security breaches, it still takes a backseat to customer convenience.  A recent survey discovered merchants believe the degree of user-friendliness is the number one priority compared to the level of online security offered to customers.

This belief is due to the high abandon rate within shopping carts while purchasing items online, primarily through mobile devices.  Security features within apps or online stores can be known to slow down the applications.  Therefore, inpatient shoppers will abandon their items.  Merchants believe if they were to expedite the checkout process, users would be more likely to complete the purchase.  However, the cut comes out of the security features.  This means customer data will be less secure, for a speedier checkout process.

It doesn’t seem like an even trade considering most online checkouts require the customer’s name, address, and credit card information.

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1 thought on “Convenience Deemed More Critical Than Online Security”

  1. My cart is often abandoned when I learn that the shipping cost is outrageous. If I leave what I want they will send me a free shipping offer to go back and purchase within a limited time. I appreciate the sites that require extra security for sensitive information. I think they are wrong about why customers leave. So many merchants give discounts and then try to make it up in so called postage and handling charges

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