Playing Along with Fake Support Technicians

Infinite Alert Hoax Exposed!

About a month ago, PC Pitstop created a public service announcement to the general public regarding the infinite alert hoax.  This is a common fraudulent tech support alert that informs PC users they need to contact a support technician to “fix” their PC.  Examples of the alerts can be seen below:

If users choose to call these numbers, they will end up in a fake call center, talking to fake tech support technicians, who will “fix” a fake problem with the device.  This may cost between $200 to $400, depending on the “issue” of course.

PC Pitstop exposed this hoax, and encouraged readers to call the hoax numbers to tie up the phone lines.  Individuals were encouraged to speak slowly, ask several questions, and act as if they had no idea this was a hoax.  The idea was, if the fake technicians were spending their time with people who knew it was a hoax, they would have less time to scam unknowning victims.

Playing Along with Fake Support Technicians…

Below is an example of a phone call we recorded while speaking to these individuals.

Please note a few things.  First, just weeks ago they were claiming to be Microsoft.  Now, they refuse to say they are Microsoft, but a “Microsoft Certified Technician”.  Second, they can sound rather convincing — always remember this is a HOAX.  Third, the issue was resolved once the device was restarted!  Is it magic?!  No, just a tech support hoax, that will go away once a user either kills the browser or reboots the PC.

Another thing to keep in mind, had we stayed on the phone with them longer, they would have told us they still needed to scan the device to be sure the “malware” was gone.  They’re ruthless — even when the alert is gone, they still try to worm their way into conning victims.

Don’t fall for this.

**If you are a PC Matic subscriber, and need assistance with the program, you may reach out support team at


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18 thoughts on “Playing Along with Fake Support Technicians

  1. I keep getting a call on my home phone and the ID says FACEBOOKSVC. I answered it one time and they immediately said that PC Matic was refunding $900 to me. I subscribed ONE TIME to PC Matic but do not use them any more. The Pakistani sounding guy wanted me to open my laptop to verify my identity and I refused!! I figured it is a scam and all they wanted was access my computer to infect it. I tried to call both FB and PC Matic to check and the same Pakistani sounding was on both lines. The number was 800-311-5968. I refuse to answer the CALLS!!!

  2. I got one from so called microsoft and not being all that savvy almost fell for it and actually entered some stuff they prompted me to do but at the very end when they were trying to tell me a code to enter, their phone began to break up and it was hard to make it out what the code was…the voice was East Indian accent and I started getting frustrated and finally hung up. The girl I was talking to CALLED me BACK and my cell Identified a California # different from the one I called that they had posted for help…Every time she tried to tell me the code to enter, her phone would break up and act up..I finally got suspicious and hung up and took the laptop to town and my tech guy who removed a virus type malware with some software he installed. I think some one perhaps had put some stuff on their system to bug them off…?

  3. For the phones calls from them, all you have to say is you don’t have a computer and they hang up. Just keep on saying you don’t have a computer whenever they call and it puts a damper on them for that moment and it’s the best frustration you can share with them.

  4. I have done this numerous times and I actually learned it from the U.S. Treasury scam that intimidates you that you will go to prison if you don’t pay the fine. I say and in a deep monotone voice: IF YOU CALL THIS NUMBER ONE MORE TIME, YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED! Seems to work. They don’t call back.

  5. I contacted tech support at micro systems to be told hand up someone will call you. So they have friends thru the hindu inner circle to pass you off to their buddys @ -I Yogi another fake con to shake you down for $$$!

  6. When they pop in and lock your screen up telling you that you have a virus and to call Mircrosoft right away, the first time I shut my computer down to get out of it. Then when it happened again I found out that I can go to the task bar and bring up the task manager and end the task in applications.

  7. I’ve had several calls like this. They’re easy to spot; I used to work on computers for a living. One time I asked the guy for the direct phone number to his desk. He asked why I needed it. I told him I’d need his number to forward to the FBI, so that they could track him down, arrest him and his buddies, and put them all in prison where they belong. He then said, “Sir, you can shove your infected computer up your *ss”, and hung up. (^_^)

  8. When I get a call like this, I get my “canned” horn ready and lead them along for a bit. When asked if I am by my computer, that they are ready, I put the bell of the horn a very shot distance from my phone and give them a long blast. I only hope they rip off their headpiece. This method works for fake IRS calls.

  9. I was bored one day and I talked to the Microsoft technician for a long period of time. He asked me to check a registry location for a number. All my computers have the same number in that location. Then he asked me to type in the Run box “iexplore.exe” followed by a “/” and then “” with a shortcut to remote access software. That’s when the Malware software kicked in and quarantined it. He asked me if the download had completed and I told him that the Malware software had deleted it. Then he hung up on me, how rude.

  10. If they call me, I hang up. If they call me back, I hang up again. If I get a popup on my computer, I shut it down and restart it. If it’s still there, I do it again. So far this solution has worked perfectly.

    It’s not really worth using up your time to play games with them.

  11. I got the same call and had a good time asking to speak with the head TROLL?
    Then I asked if they sold computers and what the Internet was.
    Finally I told them I was 96 years old and could not use the typewriter anymore because it is broken! Can U fix this for me?

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