Additional Details on PC Matic’s Pending Patent

More Information on PC Matic’s Pending Patent

We recently wrote a post about our patent pending technologies with PC Matic, and many of you wrote in wanting to know more about it.

PC Matic is an endpoint security solution that meets the anti-virus needs of home and enterprise PC users, and was developed in 2009. In 2011, we implemented SuperShield, an application whitelist, as its primary method of malware detection.

Although the primary method of malware detection was the application whitelist, PC Matic was still using a blacklist provided by a third-party vendor.  Eventually, PC Matic built our very own blacklist technology.  This technology works seamlessly with the whitelist to provide superior malware detection.

By the end of April, 2017, PC Matic 3.0 was released.  These enhancements included a new user interface and additional malware protection capabilities. Additionally, we developed new technologies which helped in detecting and preventing new types of malicious threats. This technology is what is now patent pending.

Since 2009, PC Matic has been protecting millions of PC users, keeping the American people safe and their data secure, all while using an American-made product.  As you can see, malware constantly evolves, and so will the technologies behind PC Matic.

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  1. Sure would be nice if someone from PC Pitstop would answer my support questions. I have now sent 5 problems and not a one has answered in 3 months! Guess you just want my money!

    • William,
      I am going to be opening a helpdesk ticket on your behalf, with the most recent ticket you have submitted. Our technicians have been responding to your issues; however it appears you are not receiving them. I will request that they contact you directly from their personal email accounts instead of the helpdesk account. Thank you for your patience.

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