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NSA Leak Leaves 100 GB of Classified Data Exposed

NSA Leak Leaves Army Intelligence Data Open to Public

The NSA leaks just won’t seem to stop.  The first breach dates back to 2013, with multiple falling thereafter.  Some of the security breaches have led to NSA contractors facing criminal charges due to their part in the security issues.  Perhaps the most infamous NSA leak was what led to the world’s first global ransomware attack, WannaCry, in May of this year.

Now, the public has been informed of another NSA breach that left 100 gigabytes of classified Army intelligence data available to the public.  According to CNET, the server which was tied to Amazon Web Services, was unlisted and not password protected.  The server contained 47 viewable files, three of which were downloadable and exposed national security data. This means, anyone found the URL could essentially dig through any of the viewable files.  Which is exactly what happened.

In September, Chris Vickery, director of cyber risk research at security company UpGuard, discovered the server.  However, he did not report his discovery to the government until October.  Why the delay?  Vickery hasn’t said.  Regardless, the government was notified and are currently not commenting on the issue.


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