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PC Matic Awarded Certification From AV-Test

PC Matic is excited to announce that we have received AV-Test certification after our first test with the organization this fall.

PC Matic 3.0 was recently tested by AV-Test in their Home Windows test for September and October. AV-Test is one of the three large testing organizations that make up the core independent test labs for antivirus. We were awarded AV-Test certification for our scores in the test, achieving high marks across protection and performance. PC Matic‘s Super Shield was able to block 100% of the real world ransomware/0-day threats used in the test set, further demonstrating that taking an approach that centers around prevention instead of remediation continues to show it’s importance. Ransomware infections can not only require a ransom paid, but recovery efforts and time lost for the business can often cost 10x more.

In the usability category AV-Test penalized our score for returning a small amount of false positives. The false positive test used by AV-Test is extremely robust, with over 1.4 million known good samples. After being tested against those samples, our highest number blocked was 48. This comes down to .003% false positive rate or 99.997% good file accuracy. The amount of false positives our users see in the real world is often even lower and further shows that our patent pending globally automated whitelist is a truly innovative approach.

If you’d like to check out the test results for yourself, head on over to AV-Test.

To view the full PC Pitstop Q4 Newsletter, click here.


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8 thoughts on “PC Matic Awarded Certification From AV-Test”

  1. Kenneth Fijalkowski

    I purchased a lifetime subscription a few years ago and I would like to know if I’m
    afforded all the updates that your product has added since I purchased mine. I’m
    referring mainly to ransomeware protection. Nothing is ever mentioned to me about this.
    For your reference, my name and information is as follows:

    Please let me know A.S.A.P. Since my neighbor had a terrible experience a while
    Thank you

    1. Hi Kenneth — Yes, even with a lifetime license you get all of our product updates. So even if you bought 4 years ago, you have the latest version! Thanks for asking, and if you have more questions, let us know.

  2. My computer is unresponsive to your icon, even when I do a search into the program. Sometimes I get the request to give them permission to make changes but that’s all. I would still like to apply the app to another device.

  3. I am using a pc with Windows that occasionally a solid blue screen pops up saying something like: “Windows has encountered a problem and must be shut down.” My pc becomes totally unresponsive and must be shut down.
    On one occasion when restarted all my files were not there. My local pc repair recovered all but told me that they had discovered that PC Matic caused these problems. IS THIS TRUE?? I have since deleted PC Matic and even though several blue screen shutdowns have occurred I have not lost files. What do you think?

    1. No Franklin, PC Matic would not cause those problems. As you said yourself, after removing our product you’re still experiencing the issues. It sounds like there be a deeper problem. If you’d like to check in with our support team they may have some tips for you to help get to the bottom of the problem and get PC Matic back in place. http://www.pcmatic.com/support

    2. @Franklin: Franklin, the infamous blue screen, appears when your computers hard drive is about to crash, at least that’s what happened to 4 of my computers. So good luck.

  4. Looks like PC Matic is so good that it pass all the tests thrown at it by large testing organizations. It is really comforting to know that my computer and personal information is protected by such a genuine highly quality company. It makes me appreciate that I am getting a value added product.

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