86% of Users Deem Data Security More Important Than User Friendliness

User Friendliness or Data Security?

PC Pitstop has been conducting a survey on their blog page, TechTalk, regarding what users deem most important – user friendliness or data security.  An overwhelming majority believe security supersedes user friendliness.  According to the survey results, 86% of users believe security is more important.  We all know security should be more important, therefore these results aren’t surprising.  But how many people are implementing this theory?

Increased security means using passwords like “1LikePancakes!”, using different passwords for every account, using different account IDs for each account, and implementing multi-layer authentication.  Implementing these practices this may hinder the user’s experience, or ease-of-use for each of their accounts; however, their security will be significantly increased.  According to the survey data, implementing these things should be of more importance than keeping login credentials the same with weak passwords.  That being said, how many people are still using “qwerty”, “abc123”, or “password”, for their passwords?  Not only once, but for all of their accounts?!

We all know security should be more important than our convenience — but, how many of us are actually doing it?

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In an ideal world, a compromise would not be necessary.  Unfortunately, we do not live in an “ideal world”.

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One thought on “86% of Users Deem Data Security More Important Than User Friendliness

  1. I find that just NOT using the computer for any banking, expenditures that require my credit card, or unnecessary information about me is about the safest I can be. Granted, the banks and cc cos are exposed, but I have found over the past 52 years of my experience with computers that NOT all things worthwhile, and/or good revolve around the use of a computer. So, I try to minimize my exposure to risk, and use PCMatic 🙂 Hopefully, it will continue to work as well for me as it has in the past 🙂 Have a Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year!

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