Security Gap Found in Hundreds of HP Laptops

Security Hole Found in Popular Software Used in Hundreds of HP PCs

According to the Business Insider, a security researcher recently found a security vulnerability within the Synaptics software that controls keyboard and trackpad inputs on hundreds HP laptop models.

The security gap, is the keylogger function within the Synaptics software.  The technology can be misused by hackers, as it tracks keystrokes, making it easy for hackers to determine various user credentials.  Fortunately, this functionality is disabled by default.  Therefore, the hacker would have to have physical access to the PC in order to enable the keylogging function.

The impacted versions include the Pavilion, the EliteBook, and the ProBook.  HP released all of the impacted models, as well as a security patch for each.  If you are uncertain of the model number, you may check for the sticker under the device.

To access the list and appropriate patch for the model, click here.

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9 thoughts on “Security Gap Found in Hundreds of HP Laptops

  1. My HP PC was completely blocked for at least 10 minutes with a ad on the screen saying
    this is a security alert, call Windows Tech Support at 877-269-9094
    Code 055BCCAC9FEC.
    Is this what you are discussing in this article?

  2. “Therefore, the hacker would have to have physical access to the PC in order to enable the keylogging function.”

    So, not a thing. Thanks for the non-emergency. Why not just post the patch w/o the melodramatics?

  3. I have also found the model number on the “Control Panel”, “Devices and Printers”. Under devices look for the icon of your computer, then right click and select “Properties”. This lists the Manufacturer and Model plus some other information.
    Hope this helps

  4. I don’t have a sticker under the device. Does that mean mine does not have this issue or is there another place to locate that model number to compare with your list.

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