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Old AV Programs Cause BSoD Post-Vulnerability Update

Some AVs Cause Issues with Spectre/Meltdown Update

By: Jeff York

The recent Windows update designed to patch the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities has been delayed.  The delay was to give anti-virus (AV) companies a chance to make changes to their registry to allow the update to install without causing blue screen of death (BSoD) errors during the update process.

PC Matic has already released a new version of SuperShield which has included the necessary changes to allow this important update to install without issue.  However, users must be cautious about any other AV programs installed on their device.  Issues may persist if AV software from an expired account is still be present after making the switch to PC Matic.  An expired program may not receive the necessary updates required to allow this critical update to run.  Therefore, even though SuperShield is updated, the other program may not be.  If this is the case, it will cause a BSoD error during the update process.
To ensure the computer is ready for the update, access the Installed Programs area of your Control Panel.  From there, ensure that PC Matic SuperShield is the only AV program installed. If users choose to run more than one AV program, it is important users ensure the recent updates for the other protective program are in compliance.
To learn more about the update, click here.
If you’re an existing PC Matic user, and need to reach our support team, you may do so at

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18 thoughts on “Old AV Programs Cause BSoD Post-Vulnerability Update”

  1. My pc has me locked out the BSoD will not let me pick Advance option what can I do any help would be appreciated
    Also I am facing windows 10 Blue Screen death. Can you please tell me how to check it is hard or operating system issue.

  2. This is NOT the fault of the PC Matic folks who have wonderful support and staff. This was totally a Microsoft Windows creation. I thought, initially, it was a problem with my computer. Then, I did a little research. Microsoft did not inform anti-virus makers of the flaw until it was too late. I am still in the process of recovering from this mess. I thought I had finally recovered from this mess when I narrowed down the problem update, after having uninstalled McAfee, Malwarebytes, updated the programs, restored from several restore points, tried Windows so called “fixes”, etc. My computer is currently “hanging” on the problem update – again!!! Hopefully, it won’t screw up the computer again. I seek help as a last resort, as I like to figure out these things myself. When and if I have go to support, it will get resolved as it always does with the folks at PC Matic. No, I don’t work there but would be proud if I did. I am just a retired old guy with an addiction to all things tech related.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Philip. We hope your able to resolve your issues — and if you need assistance, please let us know. Our technicians will do everything they can to assist with the issues Microsoft left you with.

      1. Thank You, Kayla. Yes, it is under control. Computer running better than ever, thanks to PC Matic and my own due diligence. I have come to the conclusion, after many, many hours of reading through comments here, on Microsoft sites, and others, that the most reasonable thing to do is hide the problem update. I have no doubt that Microsoft will eventually issue a solution in the form of another update. I had tried all the fixes – checked registry values, did chkdsk /r scan (no problems found), sfc /scannow (no problems), renamed to rebuild a Windows update folder, defragged disk, etc., etc.. Every Windows Update “fix-it”, I did it (there was a small problem it fixed but the update still would not install). Eventually, I did a system restore to a time the update, brought the update back, and then hid it!!! Short of re-installing Windows, which I could have done but, and according to many who did do that to no satisfaction, I refuse to go down that path. Thanks, as always for your support.

  3. I’m pretty sad that my two laptops suffer this fate today. I am deeply disappointed the PC Pitstop runs and send me an “A-Ok” email every night without detecting, alerting, or protecting me from this data loss and many hours of reinstalling the OS and Apps.

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      Hi John,
      The BSoD issues are not tied to a virus, but an issue within the Microsoft update. Unfortunately, this problem has impacted multiple individuals regardless of their antivirus protection. If you’re still in need of assistance, please reach out to our support team at Our technicians would be able to assist you.

      Thank you.

  4. Recently had boot problems on two Windows 10 laptops running PC Matic. One recovered from a system checkpoint and the other required a clean Windows 10 install. These problems did occur after some Windows updates, so this issue probably caused my problems. Although, I’m not running any old AV programs.

    1. @John Graybill: I had the exact same issue was able to save one from a restore point and the other had to do a new install. HP computers with Windows 10 one a desktop and the other a laptop both purchased within the last year. The critical update seems to be a 1/10/2017 update of which there were two. Blue screened both computers. I amazed that there was not a lot more chatter about this.

      Chris K

    2. @John Graybill: I’ve had the same issue on my desktop. Have had to restore 3 times now since the MS update and still don’t know how to fix the actual problem. I am not running any anti virus other them PCMatic and can’t find any indication anywhere that MS may have found during their update. PCMatic customer support indicated that I may have to reload some software, but I don’t know which ones. Sure don’t want to have to reload Windows.

    1. BSoD stands for Blue Screen of Death. It’s a common term used when a Microsoft computer crashes because the screen that shows up is just a blue screen with an error message.

  5. Just returned a 60-day pls computer because of a BSOD issue. I wonder if it was related to this. Unfortunately, I could not get good help with solving it before I just too k it back. Lost new software installs and some data, not to mention the set up time for a new computer.

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