Feature Improvements – New Expanded Device Controls PC Matic Pro & MSP

We had no doubt coming into 2018 that it was going to take a lot of work to top an amazing 2017, but our team is up to the task. In the early hours of the new year we introduced new functionality into the way we communicate with our servers and clients across PC Matic Pro and MSP. This new technology is called WebSockets, and enables bidirectional communication between client and server. Backend feature updates aren’t always the most thrilling, but this update has already lead to some expanded control in the management console and will create even more possible feature additions in the future.

With the change to using WebSockets in PC Matic Pro and MSP, we’re able to make it feel more like you’re changing settings directly on the endpoint even if it’s across the office or across the world. As long as that device is online you’ll be able to immediately adjust settings within our product in real time. At first introduction, this is centered around Super Shield Options, but in time more features will be added that take advantage of this technology.  

Super Shield Options

Previously setting Super Shield options within your management console at any level required a reboot of the computer to apply the settings. Now from an individual device page you can immediately push setting adjustments. This is especially helpful for changing a setting on an endpoint you’re working on, or giving someone temporary elevated privileges without having to delay them or require a reboot.

Once you open Super Shield Options on an individual page, you’ll see some new text at the bottom letting you know a direct connection is present. This is assuming the chosen endpoint is powered on and online.

After you choose and save the settings, you’ll immediately notice the change on the endpoint like you were sitting right at it making changes!

Continuing to make our products not only better at protecting our customers but easier to use is extremely important to the PC Matic team. 2018 is going to bring some really exciting features and capabilities to our product line capitalizing off better technology like WebSockets.

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