PC Matic Pro Increases Partnerships and Brand Awareness

PC Matic Pro Team Boosts Partnerships and Brand Awareness Throughout 2017

Our team was dedicated to nurturing current partnerships, and establishing new ones during the fourth quarter of 2017.  During that time, our team traveled to 16 different events promoting our products and increasing brand awareness.  Of those 16, we would like to highlight the top three, where PC Matic CEO, Rob Cheng, discussed the growing ransomware epidemic, the best practices to utilize in defense, and where in the world these practices are best utilized.

SYNNEX Inspire Conference – In October we traveled to Greenville, South Carolina to attend the industry’s premier conference for partner planning and content, the SYNNEX Inspire Conference.  Our team was available throughout the conference to speak to the 400+ attendees regarding the product and its core automated whitelist technology.

Fall Varnex –  In November, our team attended the Fall Varnex event in San Diego, California.  At this conference, our message was well received by the 250 attendees, and various potential partnerships were formed.  It is because of the Varnex events we have great partners like Houston County Schools and Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office.  Both of which, our creative marketing team visited and obtained product testimonials, which were used for PC Matic Pro national television ad campaigns, shown below:

In addition to these two commercials, our creative team met with approximately ten active partners at the Fall Varnex event to record their PC Matic Pro testimonials which will be combined into a national television ad campaign.

Foxwoods Technology Conference – This event was a bit different than the others we attended.  PC Matic Pro sponsored the Foxwoods Technology Conference with our partner Whalley Computer, and let us tell you — what a way to end our year!  This event was amazing and led to several prospective customers.    Due to the success we had at this event, our team anticipates sponsoring many more partner events in 2018.  If you’re a PC Matic Pro partner and would like to discuss us potentially sponsoring your event, please reach out to Stephanie Molden at stephanie@pcpitstop.com.

To view the full PC Pitstop Q4 Newsletter, click here.


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  1. What the hell did you people do to my account??????
    I lost my access to google????
    Can’t run PCMATIC????
    13MB’s of junk deleted from 168 files????
    Nothing works anymore. Speed down to almost nothing Super Shield stopped from running?
    Can’t click on PCMATIC icon…..it never asked for a password before?
    I thought PCMATIC was going to resolve all my security problems. What happened?????????

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