Another Attack Hits Indiana Hospital – Was it Tied to the First?

Two Indiana Hospital Ransomware Attacks Hit on the Same Day

On January 11th, Hancock Regional Hospital was hit with ransomware.  After resorting to paper filing, they chose to pay the $55,000 ransom demands.  What’s even more shocking is, they had the backup files available to restore the system without paying the ransom.  Now, another report has went public regarding another Indiana hospital, that was hit with ransomware on the same day as Hancock Regional.

Adam’s Memorial Hospital, located in Decatur, Indiana was too hit with ransomware on January 11th.  Although not confirmed, it is possible the two attacks were related.  Both infections took place on January 11th.  After encrypting the files, both facilities received messages saying “sorry”.  Adam’s Memorial has yet to confirm the ransom demands, or if they intend to pay them.  They have also not released the name of the ransomware variant.  Although based on the encryption screen, it is likely it too was SamSam, the ransomware variant that infiltrated Hancock’s systems.

Other Ransomware Attacks

We have also created a map, see below, of the ransomware attacks that have taken place in the U.S.

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2 thoughts on “Another Attack Hits Indiana Hospital – Was it Tied to the First?

  1. All companies,hospitals,people like me too- need to stop paying when this happens.While looking for lawyers in Portland Oregon- I got “infected”.my computer was locked saying all my files were being downloaded and I had to call this # on screen-they said theycan help told me to push control and R at same time-that gave them acces to my computer -I could see them doing all kinds of things.Charged $400 some dollars.I said I wsn’t happy and they cancelled payment.I got lucky to have my money back but they still already probably got all my info.DO NOT PAY

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