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MSP and Pro Interface Updates and New Features

We’re very excited to introduce the new and improved PC Matic management consoles. Our development and design teams have been hard at work perfecting the user experience and refreshing the graphics in the console.

End User Console

Most changes come in the form of a refreshed design with a more simplistic approach. We’re happy to help you locate any portions of the console you can’t find after this switch is applied. From the console homepage you’ll notice a shift towards using icons instead of text buttons. You can hover over these new icons to get familiar with what they accomplish.

The individual device page has been reorganized and refreshed with better graphics for what you’re trying to accomplish. You still have one convenient section full of valuable device actions to take control and make changes to your computers and servers.

You’ll notice some new sections of the console as well, including a slide out where features, news, and announcements will appear. Be sure to check this slider out so you don’t miss out when we add new features!

Our team is so excited about this redesign and sincerely hope users enjoy the new features and layout.

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18 thoughts on “MSP and Pro Interface Updates and New Features”

  1. I saw some comments about this below, but wanted to request it again so it does not get lost in the below comments. I completely agree that the new UI is very nice. I REALLY like how user friendly it is now. One of the best things I like to point out is how I can now see the entire page but still see my options and other stuff in the sidebar box that comes in from the right. This is FAR better than it was before where it came in from the top and covered the page. The page content even moves over when the sidebar box is open, and I found if I move back to the page from the sidebar box, the gray background disappears and I can still work on my page while the options box is still open. Give your UI team a big high 5 for implementing this, as it is a huge improvement.

    However, I must echo the requests below about having the Options items hidden by default. As others have already mentioned, these options are not really used as often for existing accounts, as they are really used to “initially setup” the account and when new accounts or computers are added. This is not a daily or even weekly task, so these should be hidden by default and only opened when we need to use them for these special occasions. I like being able to focus on the stuff on the page I need to work on, and I don’t like that I need to constantly close these Options. I like being able to expand them when I need to access them.

    Other than this issue, really nice work on the new UI! Huge improvement.

  2. I going to renew free but have a couple of questions.
    1. Can we also put pcmattic on our smartphones too? I’ve got two laptops and one kindle and two smart phones. Right now I’ve just have it on my two laptops.
    2. As I was getting ready to renew I saw a icon with a man who had a hat on which cost additional $30. What does that do for me?

    1. James, if you have an Android phone you can install PC Matic on it from the Google Play store. Just search for PC Matic for Android and then log in after installing. In regards to the note you saw while getting ready to renew, that was for our privacy cleanup program PC Magnum. You can read more about it here: https://www.pcpitstop.com/pc-magnum/default.asp

  3. I love the new UI. However, I am not liking the “options” menu the way it is currently always open for some reason. Your images above show it closed, then you open it. This is how it should be. However, the options menu is always open for me. I think it is a good idea to group these buttons together, as before they were always visible as well. Now I find myself having to constantly close them each time I open the page that has them. What is the purpose of grouping them, then having it open all the time, as it is just like it was before? I would prefer it be closed and allow me to open it when I need it, as I prefer to see more of what is on the page which I need to see, and only see the option buttons when I want to. This makes it look much cleaner as well. Tell your UI team great work on the new design – but fix it to where the options is closed so we can open it when we want.

    1. Allen, thank you so much for the insightful feedback! We initially left the options area closed by default but felt it got in the way of the normal workflow having to open it for access every time. I’ll pass the feedback on to the design and development teams for you!

      1. @Devin Bergin: I agree. These options are not used very often. They seem to be only used more at the beginning, when initially setting up an account, but once the options are set, they are not accessed very much, so they need to be closed initially so they are out of the way and only opened when they are needed, which in most cases is not very often.

      2. @Allen: @Devin Bergin: Agree!!! The new updated UI looks very fresh and modern, but the option buttons need to be hidden by default. Not sure why you changed it if you originally had it closed initially. It actually disrupts normal workflow by having to close it each time I see it opened on a page. Since these buttons are not used on a daily basis, it should be closed by default. I like the fact that you added the option to hide these, but still have access to them when needed, but make it closed and let us open it when we need them.

    2. @Allen: Exactly! Make these options closed initially so I don’t have to manually close them every time! I like them hidden and where I can access them only when I need to, which is not very often.

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