Microsoft Update Creating Major Issues, Yet Again…

Latest Microsoft Patch Update Causes USB Problems

Microsoft issues a new patch the second Tuesday of every month.  If additional updates are needed and they cannot wait a full month, the company may also release a patch update on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  No one would be surprised if another update is released this week, considering the issues created by the latest one.  On February 13th, Microsoft released an update that patched over 50 security vulnerabilities; unfortunately, it appears this update did not go through rigorous testing.  Shortly after updating users began experiencing issues with the functionality of their USB ports.  This became a major problem for Windows users who were using wireless keyboards and mice.  Since the USB ports were not recognizing the wireless receiver, the wireless devices were not working.

Microsoft is acknowledging their fault in these issues and they have provided a support phone number for assistance.
Please call 1-877-696-7786 for Microsoft support with your issue.

Not the First Time…

The Microsoft update that was designed to patch the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities resulted in several PCs getting a blue screen of death (BSoD) error.  Because of this error, users were left with two options.  First, access a restore point and restore the computer back to a previous date.  This option was often unsuccessful and resulted in lost data.  The second option was to reset the PC.  This option allowed users to reset their computer while keeping their data, or they could choose to completely wipe everything.  Most chose to keep their data.  However, even with their files being restored with the reset, third-party applications were removed.  This means users had to reinstall the programs and software that were previously on the PC that didn’t come installed at the time the PC was purchased.
It is because of these update issues, users are now considering disabling the automatic update feature for Windows.  We can understand the reluctance users feel with allowing automatic updates due to the frustration of restoring devices after these updates take place.  However, we do not encourage users disable this feature, because there are risks in leaving your operating system outdated.  So, if you’re choosing to disable the auto-update feature, please be certain your security solution is updated to keep your information protected.  Users are also encouraged to use a security program that implements a default-deny approach, like application whitelisting.  A whitelist will only allow trusted programs to execute.  Therefore, if users choose not to update Windows and leave the vulnerabilities open, they will at least be protected from malware hackers may attempt to execute by exploiting these security gaps.
Again, if you’re experiencing any issues as a result of the latest Microsoft update, you may reach the Microsoft support team at  1-877-696-7786.

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6 thoughts on “Microsoft Update Creating Major Issues, Yet Again…”

  1. I have a PC that was retrieved from the grave. I run Windows 10 on drive 0 and Linux Mint on drive 1. I let grub handle the dual boot situation. I have never experienced the blue screen of death from the update that MS issued but I did experienced the USB problem. Fortunate for me I was able to recover the data off the 0 drive through the command line. I ended up copying data to a jump drive from drive 0. shortly after that I created a batch file to do that automatically. Then I tried the recovery process that MS provides, apparently it doen’t work after an update takes place, it issued a corrupt file error. So I had to reload Windows 10 and Linux Mint to recover grub and my dual boot.
    Then my wife’s PC had the same problem but it was easier to recover data with the batch file I created. Now I back up data everyday on a separate drive, live and learn is the key. If I didn’t need Windows 10 to run two programs I would get rid of it. Save some time and money.

  2. I get really ticked off and tired of having to tweak my computer to get it working the way I want it to after each of Microsoft’s many monthly, bimonthly, weekly updates. After each update I have problems with my programs and my computer gets sluggish and slow to load programs. Especially NON Microsoft third party programs that were working fine until another bleepen update from MS.
    MS takes control of my computer and changes all of my settings back to their default settings and turns on features I have turned off. The Linux operating system is looking better all the time. I have it on my old desktop and it works great even with low HD capacity. Linux doesn’t have many of the features that MS OS has but there are many companies and individuals that have switched and adapted.
    I used to have my hard drive split. Half MS and the other half Linux. But leave it to MS to mess that up as well. When I tried to load Linux on a split partition my computer crashed. WHY? Because Linux is not a MS recognized program and is not compatible with Windows 10 OS. My third party Word Processing program which is compatible with most programs keeps “Not Responding” after another MS update. I have to reload the program and make it compatible again. Which doesn’t always work. Microsoft is holding its Windows users and their computers hostage and controlling them.. Especially by not allowing the users to turn off updates. I used to enjoy working with computers but MS has made it a frustrating experience. Not much wonder many have switched to APPLE products and/or Linux OS.

  3. A long-term friend of mine’s son is in the IT business. About 15 months ago I had a problem with data usage (my monthly allowance was used up within 7 to 10 days). He installed a “logging programme” on my computer which indicated that MS updates were using the majority of my allowance. I disabled automatic updates. He advises me on a monthly basis which updates I should download and this has resolved the data usage problem. I now use PC Pitstop for a weekly scan and have not had a security problem and my data usage is lasting the month with no problems/inconvenience. Are Microsoft issuing “bloated” updates for their own convenience?

  4. I am so pissed off at Microsoft and Firefox I stopped using Firefox because of all the updates and the problems it caused. I stopped and deleted Firefox and as soon as I can find another operating system I will get rid of Microsoft 10 as well…

    1. @Bernard Gray:
      Try Linux Ubuntu. It is an open source free OS. Donate if you can to help the developers. I use it on my old desk top and it works fine. prob is Firefox is their main browser but other browsers eill work if installed for Linux compatibility.

  5. First, it was FireFox that messed up my computer then Microsoft with their update drove my computer to the blue screen of death and I had to restore it and lost loads of data and programs and my computer is still not working right. I am so pissed off at Microsoft and Firefox I stopped using Firefox because of all the updates and the problems it caused. I stopped and deleted Firefox and as soon as I can find another operating system I will get rid of Microsoft 10 as well…

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