Kaspersky is having Twitter Trouble - U.S. government orders federal agencies to remove the antivirus.

DOJ Moves to Dismiss Kaspersky’s Lawsuit Against Congress

Kaspersky’s Lawsuit May Be Tossed Out…

This week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a motion to dismiss Kaspersky’s lawsuit against Congress over the ban of their products.  The Hill reports,

“…Kaspersky does not have a legal basis to challenge the Trump administration’s ban on its products because, even if reversed, Congress’s ban would remain in effect.”

Kaspersky has made claims the U.S. government acted unlawfully by banning their products on government devices.  The Russian-based security software vendor believes the U.S. Congress did not provide proper evidence of wrongdoing, nor did they complete proper testing of their products.

Although, Kaspersky’s claims are likely irrelevant because Congress is not required to “test” anything prior to legislating.  The Department of Justice believes the lawsuit can be dismissed, as the Department of Homeland Security’s decision for the Kaspersky ban was deemed a matter of national security.

At this time, Kaspersky security products are banned from government devices.  In addition, the Department of Homeland Security has also issued a warning, urging business agencies cease the use of the security program as well.

As the story progresses, we will do our best to keep you all informed.

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32 thoughts on “DOJ Moves to Dismiss Kaspersky’s Lawsuit Against Congress”

  1. By suing DOJ Kaspersky your only proving them right.

    I stopped using Kaspersky on the grounds of it having ties to spy organizations not because its shitty vaporware on home pc’s that eats your ram while your doing whatever. Their freeware client has a nasty habit of showing you ads for upgrading to their paid product. Normally I don’t mind this but I don’t need a popup reminder telling me what I should or shouldn’t need.

    Ill stick to MS Defender for now, but if I had to choose I would go for Bitdefender or Avira.

  2. I used PC Matic in my business in Texas. When I retired in 2013, and moved north, I kept P C Matic, it has always
    worked for me, and I’d not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

  3. Phyllis A McIlroy

    I wrote a comment detaing my specific issues with PC Matic and replied to Kayla Elliott. When I tried to post it it said it appears that I had already made that comment and would not let me post it… Go figure

    1. Sorry, we just needed to go through and approve the comment. We’re all good to go now, and apologize for any inconvenience.

  4. As an It specialist. Been using Kaspersky since 2004. That is when they opened their headquarters in Massachusetts. True Kaspersky the man is of Russian decent. Three generations ago they lived in Russia. They also have a headquarters in England. The truth is Kaspersky told the government they found classified information on government servers that was vulnerable to the public. Some senators immediately took the word RUSSIA and went overboard. They did what you want your security company to do–protect their clients. If any of you think this PC Matic is any good you better test it. It is a total joke. Do your homework you will find other than American involved They product does not work as advertised.

      1. Using Norton 360, my pc was so screwed up I was about ready to throw it out. Decided to try PC Matic, and has been running like a champ for almost 2 yrs. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Doesn’t slow pc down and nothing bad gets through.

      2. Phyllis A McIlroy

        Despite the link that shows all your stats, I repeatedly, I repeat repeatedly, sent email messages that my scheduling was not happening. I would make a schedule for checking my computer and it repeatedly would not do it. The description of my PC showed as a Windows 8… It is not! It is Windows 10 and should have been check that way….when I had to manually scan. There was always one advice comment that I had no way to resolve…sent msgs to that matter. So now I get frequent emails on ‘coming back’….Really????

        1. It looks like the last renewal took place in January of 2017, meaning it expired earlier this year. If you would like to renew, please let us know.

          Thank you!

    1. @Ricahrd Wholey: Not that I believe everything Wikipedia says, but here is their take on Mr. Kaspersky:
      Eugene Kaspersky
      Евгений Касперский
      Born Yevgeny Valentinovich Kaspersky
      4 October 1965 (age 52)
      Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Krai, Soviet Union
      Residence Moscow
      Nationality Russian
      Alma mater IKSI
      Occupation Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab
      Known for Founder of Kaspersky Lab
      Net worth $1.3 billion (May 2017)[1]
      RusStatePrize.jpg State Prize of the Russian Federation

  5. PCMaticLifetimeMember

    U.S. government and its agencies should follow Trump’s philosophy and practice–America First. That eliminates Kaspersky as well as all other anti-malware software companies except oine–PC Matic. I have tried them all at some point or another, and through experience and divine providence, I found PCMatic which I wisely purchased a lifetime membership for numerous computers. And the way we go through computers due to floods, hurricanes, huge electrical spikes, and just using renovated older Dells, the lifetime subscription paid for itself within one year to 18 months. Customer service is responsive in clear English as well. No, no one asked me or reimbursed me in any way for this very truthful testimonial.

    1. @PCMaticLifetimeMember:

      Absolutely agree. I have had lifetime PC Matic for several years and could not be happier. I can’t believe that some of our government departments would have used a Russian security software in the first place. Totally ridiculous!

  6. Agreed Tim, the only reason besides Kaspersky having that govt contract in the first place was money for them, money in some politician’s and lobbiest’s pockets. I deal with various govt departments whom my company has a govt contract with so I know how that works,

  7. It’s ridiculous that the US government was using a foreign based security service it does not matter if it was Russian or Estonian.
    I bet that the information which was “classified” for US citizen became open records for the enemies of the country.
    Only an idiot would allow that to happen.

  8. The arrogance of some entities, even foreign entities as in this case, in their attempt to force our government to use their services or products or to fund them with our tax money is mind boggling. Then to top it off it courts often agree with the entities. I believe our Constitution only authorizes Congress to appropriate tax money (and they do that with abandon) and did not give that power to the courts.

    1. Sadly you are a sheep following a government that lies. Do your own research and test before believing this lie and circus about Kaspersky.

      1. I didn’t say I believed anything. I said Kaspersky is a foreign owned company and has no right to demand the US government must do business with them.

        1. @Tim: @Tim: My question is HOW did we get to this point ??? We (the US) have no business to be in business with the RUSSIANS and of all things a RUSSIAN BASED SECURITY COMPANY…

        2. I do not believe Kapersky is demanding that anyone use their product, what they are trying to say is that until proven guilty of any crime the are innocent… Kinda like saying because you are a Russian you are an a$$hole, all without really having anything to back it up…

          1. @AbeLinconln: You understand my point. And i will saying the same..some people keep thinking that because X or Y security program is from USA it will be immune to problems.

        3. @Tim: That’s telling him the straight of it Tim! And Kudos to PC Matic! I made the change six years ago and that out an end to virus problems and hacking as well as spider ware intrusion.

        1. US corporations do this to other governments. Why single put the US for preferential treatment. Trump has damaged a company because of lies spread by your own security forces.

        1. @GK: I don’t understand why or what the question has to do with anything. I don’t follow governments, i follow what is right and what the abuses of misinformation and spreads of lies without a single clear evidence. That has nothing to do with a right of an entity to use the software and applications they want. If you want to do it, fine, but do not use and base the reason on false premises when you cannot come forth with evidence to support it.

      2. @Juan:

        It’s easier for most to watch the circus & jump on the wagon. That’s where things are now & it’s deeply disturbing. I certainly hope clearer heads eventually prevail in your country. The rest of the world is simply staring in disbelief since 20 Jan.

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