Ransomware Attacks

Michigan Lawmakers Pass Ransomware Bill

Michigan Cracks Down on Cyber Crime

Lawmakers have addressed the ransomware threat in the past, by making it illegal to execute the form of malware on devices.  However, they’ve recently taken it a step further.  In Michigan, it is now illegal to be in possession of a ransomware variant.  This means, even if it has not been used to infect a device, simply possessing the malicious coding will result in felony charges.

This sounds great — but how effective will it be?  First, hackers are criminals, do they don’t exactly care if a new law has been established increasing their punishment.  Secondly, cyber criminals often take various steps to cover their digital footprint.  Therefore, the likelihood of catching these criminals diminishes significantly.  Lastly, cyber attacks are, more often than not, originated overseas.  So, will the state extradite the criminal to Michigan to face charges — probably not.

This new law sounds great, but will it work?  We would love to hear what you think!  Drop a comment below.

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13 thoughts on “Michigan Lawmakers Pass Ransomware Bill”

  1. Asshur S. Lazar

    Perhaps it’s time to fight fire with fire. As long as Cyber Security continues to fight hackers defensively, there will be no end to the cowardly thieves exploits against the honest people in society. The criminal element will not stop until they feel the full force of retaliation from every aspect of our communities, legal, scientific and otherwise. Until the criminals feel triple the pain they are inflicting on innocent people, themselves, they will not stop. Punish them NOW!

  2. Yeah, I’m sure this bill has the hackers shaking in their boots. Criminals don’t pay attention top laws, the flaunt them. Just like they will do here. They may catch some 15 year-old kid with something on his computer but the real guys, not so much.

  3. I am sure that cyber criminals will pay just as much attention to the Cyber Crime laws as regular criminals do to the gun laws. Passing laws to regulate criminals is ignorant futility. All it does is adversely impact law abiding citizens.

  4. This just sounds like politicians doing what they normally do. On this I am a true Keynesian.

  5. I have not read the bill on ransomeware but I’ll bet it reads that the good guys can be felons trying to build better protection for our companies being attacked. They obviously need the code to analyze ways to stop the attacks.

  6. It would work if it was passed as a law all over the world including in the countries where the ramsomware is originated. If you can’t actually prosecute the criminals of what use is it. As for the comment about second ammendment, how many innocent kids/people have to die before figuring out there should be limits on what kind of weapons can be sold/purchased. Why does anyone need a machine gun? Will you finally figure it out when it is your kids whose funeral you are attending?

    1. Leland Freeman

      It’s not the computers or the gun’s it’s the Criminals! Let’s outlaw all the computers and go back to doing everything the old way look at all the people it would put back to work keeping books. Sure it would also put a lot of people out of work like you! Gun’s have been around a lot longer than computers & Software, It’s the people the criminals! I do not recall this ever being a problem when I was growing up. So let’s just go back to doing things the hard way. No way that will ever happen. Look inward, spend time with your children, love one another! But leave my Guns alone. It has nothing to do with Gun’s!

      1. @Leland Freeman: Your comments “leave my guns alone” has no merit. Tell that to the 17 people killed in 6 seconds in the last school shooting. Nobody is saying take away your guns. They are saying take away the guns that kill 17 people in 6 seconds. Most of them kids. Don’t arm the criminals with machine guns. I am pretty sure people aren’t out there shooting deer with a machine gun.

        1. @Don:

          Those of us who have grown up with guns know the FACTS and do NOT buy into the political propaganda. In a gun free zone such as a school one with the mindset to do harm and or kill can do so with the very same .22 caliber squirrel hunting rifle that most of us have used since we were first taught to hunt. One of the most popular guns in the WORLD is the CHEAP Marlin Model 60 that comes with a 6 shot clip plus one in the chamber for a 7 round total. By the way clips can be purchased to hold more .22 caliber long rifle rounds for this rifle. This CHEAP .22 will fire as fast as one pulls the trigger and changing a clip is a matter of squeezing a release button and popping another 6 rounds into it for a total of 14 shots in a matter of a few seconds. This CHEAP .22 will kill just as dead as one of these so-called assault style look-alikes especially when those with that mindset know where to go to do so! A gun free zone because it is like shooting ducks in a barrel. I will also say that when I entered the U.S. Army and issued an assault weapon it was nothing like the AR-15 other than in looks and the history of the AR-15 proves that it was NEVER fit to be an assault weapon of war and therefore never an issued weapon of war. The basic design was actually used to build the weapons of war BUT the original weapons of war were the assault style MUSKETS.

        2. @Don: Guns don`t kill people, people do! The main reason we have a 2nd amendment is to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government! What kind of guns does the government have? My case has been made for AR-15s! GUN FREE ZONES ARE KILLING ZONES! Grow a brain!

  7. Thomas Cleavenger

    I’m sure these are some of the same people that want to take away our 2nd amendment rights also. Shouldn’t these people be required to pass a recent intelligent test and have psychological testing done in order to hold any kind of power? I think to pass a test on the constitution would be in order also!

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