PC Matic Phone Number — It Doesn’t Exist

How to Get PC Matic Support

Recently it has been brought to our attention there are several different companies and support organizations that are claiming to provide technical support for PC Matic.  These individuals are posting a fake PC Matic phone number, claiming to offer support.  Please know, PC Matic is in no way affiliated with these companies, nor can we confirm their legitimacy.  Legitimate PC Matic support is available through our online help desk from 8:00 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST.  In our 18+ years of business we have found online and email support to be the most effective and efficient for our consumers.

Does PC Matic support cost me anything?

Absolutely not!  Our trained technical support team is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST to help you with all of your support needs, free of charge!  If anyone claims to be from PC Matic, or is offering assistance for PC Matic, with a charge associated, they are not from PC Matic.  Often times, these are technical support scams.

6 Ways to Contact PC Matic

  1.  Online support can be accessed directly at www.pcmatic.com/help
  2. Direct support requests can be sent to pcmatic@pcpitstop.com
  3. A link to our support page can be found on www.pcpitstop.com as by clicking “Support” followed by “Customer Service” 
  4. A link to our support page can also be found on www.pcmatic.com/consumer/ as by clicking “Support” followed by “Customer Service”.
  5. Our support page can also be found within the PC Matic application.

6.   You can also submit a product question through our Forums.

How do I submit a request for assistance for my PC Matic software?

  1. Go to www.pcmatic.com/help, or access our support page via www.pcmatic.com or www.pcpitstop.com as described above.
  2. You will need to click on “Technical Support” then answer what kind of support you’re requesting.  
  3. You will then be prompted to answer questions based upon your assistance needs.
  4. If you have not found your question within the list of provided options, you may click on on “My Issue Is Not Here”, as seen below: 
  5. If you are still in need of technical assistance, you will have the option to create a help desk ticket, as seen here.  
  6. To submit the ticket, scroll down and click on “Submit Ticket”.
  7. Upon completion you will receive a help desk ticket number, with instructions to check your email for a confirmation email from csticket@pcpitstop.com.

To access the full PC Matic User Guide, click here.

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32 thoughts on “PC Matic Phone Number — It Doesn’t Exist

  1. I am getting many pop ups and one that flashes “important Message call Microsoft support” How do I get rid of these?

    • Hi James, these are often from bad or corrupted websites. Are you seeing them all the time or only while browsing to certain websites? I would advise you to avoid any sites that serve pop-ups like that as they are 100% scams.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like there is no real protection from viruses offered only info and processes to follow to stop viruses or find out if an infection has occurred.

    • You’re absolutely correct, when it comes to a vast majority of security solutions available on the market. However, this is what makes PC Matic different. PC Matic takes an entirely preventative approach to endpoint security. They have a globally automated application whitelist, which prevents malware from executing on the computer. It also has the technology to block fileless malware, and RDP attacks.

  3. All of pc matic’s Suggested solutions regarding customer support are predicted on the assumption that your computer works fine. They cannot wrap their heads around the fact that if your computer is down you very well may not have access to the internet (which includes e-mail) and therefore no access to their version of assistance. This is fully equivalent to the mechanic saying that he does not offer towing services but he would be happy to investigate why your car won’t run at all if you would just drive it to his shop. I would buy this product if they offered some kind of realistic support. The way it is now, I can’t even ask my pre-purchase questions.

  4. Isn’t it funny that you don’t provide “phone support” but you are asking people to submit their phone numbers? Are you for real? I am canceling my subscription after the current one runs out.

    • We use phone numbers as an authentication factor for security purposes.

      We’re sorry to hear you do not want to renew your services. If there is anything we can do to change your mind, please let us know.

  5. I was just hacked my laptop had a screen pop up saying call Microsoft now my computer then locked up. I was in a frantic so yes i called next thing i know they had total access to my laptop. I refused to pay them to fix it. They removed pc matic i cant do anything on it all these screens pop up. I then yes called the pc matic phone number an again it was a scam. Now i cant use my laptop im scared to call anyone or even send a email requesting help.How am i supposed to get help when i trust no one?

    • Catherine, any phone number that pops up on your screen and insists that you call them to fix your problem is a scam. You can read more about these common scams here. http://www.fakevirusscam.com we have put this website together to educate everyone on this typical scam practice. In the meantime, visit http://www.pcmatic.com and click the free download button to get PC Matic back installed on your machine, then log in with your account and run a scan and clean. If you have any problems, our official customer support is available from http://www.pcmatic.com/help.

  6. when my devices aren’t working i can’t communicate to you on them! do you understand that pcmatic? i am old and not tech savvy, but when i have a computer security issue i need resolution just as fast as any other customer. i really really really wish i could call you. the ability to call my internet security provider by phone number, is a feature that’s so important to me that i am considering doing business with some other company.

    • Brian, I’m sorry that we currently don’t have phone support. You can always reach our team via email from any of your other devices like phones or tablets or another computer if the one with trouble can’t access email.

  7. My computer was a target of a scam on Friday June 1, 2018. At that time they claimed that my computer was not under protection by p.c.matic, that during the cleaning, protection from p.c. matic would upgraded, I changed from Windows 8, to 10. Is this true, I purchased p.c. matic for life.

  8. Do you fix problems with computers while online or do I need to clean viruses first and then purchase your product?

  9. would like to buy PC Matic protection as soon as possible but need more info.
    Please call Earl Capps @ 979 364 3773.Thanks

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