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Did the Facebook Leak Impact You?

Find Out If Your Information Was Harvested from Facebook

Facebook, continues to work toward rebuilding their brand after facing a major security scandal alongside London’s elections consultancy, Cambridge Analytica.  Reports have confirmed personal data was harvested from the social media giant from Cambridge Analytica.  It is believed, the election firm then used the data to show specific information on U.S. presidential candidates prior to the 2016 election.  There are speculations that by segmenting the content shown to different Facebook users based on their personal information, their perceptions of the election candidates were impaired.  Therefore, theoretically this may have made voters vote a different way than had they never been shown the information segmented based on their personal information.  Due to those concerns, some reporting outlets believe the U.S. election results were tampered with.  Whether or not this is true, can be debated.

However, what Facebook users must be concerned with is if their information was involved with this scandal.  The likelihood of you, or someone you know being impacted is quite high, as reports have confirmed 87 million accounts were involved.

To find out, you’ll need to log into your Facebook account.  After doing so, you may go to this website.  Roughly halfway down the page, you’ll see this “Was My Information Shared” box.  An example of the results is shown below.

Within this box, it will disclose whether or not your Facebook information was shared with Cambridge Analytica.  If you’re concerned about your digital privacy, you may review this complete guide to Facebook’s privacy settings.

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20 thoughts on “Did the Facebook Leak Impact You?

  1. Kayla,
    I think you should have included in your “Related Posts” section a footnote regarding the fact that Obama’s campaign used “ALL” of FB databases to gather personal information for his campaign! Where was all the outrage for what his team harvested?? How many voters were influenced to vote a different way than had they never been shown the information segmented based on their personal information gleaned by the Obama campaign. Obviously, not enough! Yet another example of the “double standard” that permeates our politics and media.

  2. I see Zuckerberg as another George Soros but just a lot younger version. He’s young, more money than he will ever need or spend and the mind-set to persuade/push everyone to his way of thinking. He is making a statement globally that he has the right. The senate hearings was asham and this young Soros want to be just inflated his balloon more. It really put him in the global spotlight as to some one that stands up to his country’s hearings and walks away unscathed. I also wonder if Zuckerberg has ever donated and if so how much to the many Soros Organizations that are committed to overthrowing legit governments or how much Seros has paid FB to promote the Soros Thinking. Again, this is just a thought. Free Speech, right!!

    • I would say that Zuckerburg is a entrepreneur who sought to provide a social outlet for any one capable of operating a computer while making a few bucks. Soros is a different story. He seems to support a global socialist government (which is what the former USSR was trying to accomplish). In my view, he is a danger to those who value limited government and personal freedom.

  3. Looks to me like the Gov’t is going after Zuckerberg because he has more money than they do. Obama only won by people voting for him not by information about anyone in my opinion..Anyone influenced by someone elses opinion that they haven’t researched for themselves is a weak follower instead of an independent thinker..Just like the dog and pony show going on since Trump announced he was running..The dogs in D.C. that have been corrupt for years , thieves, liars and cheats are being outted and it pisses them off that’s the only reason they want to put a lid on the can of worms Trump opened up for the Public to witness , see and hear..How novel so many are so stupid to continue to follow the Libtards evil BS lies.They are the ones that belong behind bars..

    • @Katia: Facebook’s breach of user data is the lesser of their problems. Zuckerberg admits that Facebook is censoring conservative content as they favor the left-wing propaganda. As far as I’m concerned, that is the far bigger issue. If people simply kept their personal data off of Facebook the personal security would not be an problem at all because there would be nothing to share/sell. The censoring should concern every American and Zuckerberg not only admits it but will not change. In fact, he is supporting AI techniques to censor automatically so that only content that Facebook alone decides is “good” can appear. Zuckerberg is not a good guy in this regard nor is Facebook an admirable system.

  4. So the issue is that people may have voted differently due to seeing information targeted to them on Social media. I wonder if people may have voted differently based on information shown to them by regular media, i.e. TV, papers – Maybe different advertising was used on different channels, different papers based on the type of person likely to watch such channels at such times or read such papers. FB is not a free service – the currency is personal data and it is not much different a currency than dollars. – FB provides a service in exchange for your data which they sell or sell the access to. This Cambridge analytics thing is an ice crystal on the tip of the iceberg as to the use of peoples data for targeted application, whether that be security as used by the Police and such agencies, for money collection as is used by the the Inland revenues, whether by collection of shopping data in basket analysis in retail, in fact every industry in which people are sold to or organisations want people to think in a certain way – then data is being collected and analysed. What is happening now is that the capability to collect access and process data has increased immeasurably, further people are more and more comfortable (or naive ) about giving their data away. Yes it is a bit of a shock when we see the impact of the latest capability but it has been going on in some form or another for 50+ years.

    Data Scientists – one of the new professions – analyzing data using numerical methods for specific purposes.

    Just because people didn’t perhaps understand – is not an excuse. Yes now new regulation is appearing, GDPR etc. but people will still give away data, they will tick the box and permission is given and clever people will target people whether it is for buying stuff or voting in a specific way. Obama’s win in 2008 was known as the FB Election after all.. Fake news, selective truth is this new?- I don’t think so – actually if anything it is just more obvious and is being used by everyone with a specific opinion to peddle. Even the so called trusted journalists – use selective information to focus their points.

    • Hi Sharon,
      There is a link within the article users can go to in order to determine if the leak impacted them. You will need to login to Facebook prior to clicking the link.

  5. Anyone who allows ANY part of the internet to influence how they are going to vote, is a fool, a liberal, or both!

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