The Federal Trade Commission Alerts Customers to New Scam

Federal Trade Commission Issues Scam Warning

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning customers not to fall for the latest scam hackers are attempting to execute.  According to KWQC News, scam artists are calling customers, claiming to be from the FTC.  The hackers claim to be issuing major refunds.  But there is a catch.  First, you must allow them access to your computer.  Why would they need that?  To scam you.

If the FTC is offering a legitimate refund, they want to be sure customers understand two things.  First, they will never need access to your computer to process the refund.  Also, they will never charge you for your refund.

Unfortunately, many people are naive to these scams, and often fall victim.  If you receive a call claiming to be from the FTC, and they request remote access to your computer, hang up immediately.  Also, if you suspect it is a scammer, do not use any words or phrases expressing agreement, such as “I accept”, “Yes”, “Yea, that’s fine”, etc.  At times, scammers will record the calls, then use the recordings to claim authorization for various transactions.

It’s a scary world out there — stay safe!

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5 thoughts on “The Federal Trade Commission Alerts Customers to New Scam

  1. I was told I have been scram by pc matic I purchase this on april 11,2018
    I had a problem setting pc matic up call them they gave a tech to walk me through
    the system while I was being help another tech call said this is a scram he said the no was wrong
    a don’t answer this no, if he calls back well he call back I told him he said the same thing so who is telling
    the true story what is the right no. I was told my computor didn’t have updated firewall I didnt have one
    so I brought one for life time the frist tec took care of every thing but the second tec kept calling me and won’t stop what can I do I want to no who is telling the true story thank you

  2. Yes, I believe it was accessed by scammer posing as Dell Tech Support. My Dell XPS 15 9550 was. Actually Dell wound up sending me a label to send the laptop (still under warranty & Tech support) to Houston. I had 6 calls by male “Tech” who said he had reason to believe my computer system had repair issue and he wanted to help. All he needed was my user name and password. I hung up on 5 of the 6 calls; the 6th one I blasted him but good. 1. Per Dell all sections DOES NOT CALL their consumers EVER, unless they have an active service ticket. I ended the conversation by telling the guy I contacted my local police department and filed a complaint and that I called Dell to let them know the crooks are at it again. Apparently they are able to break into some of Dell’s tech support #s. At the end of it all I blocked both phone #s used. Also some of Dell’s service #s are saved in my cell phone. I purchased my subscription to PC Matic AV & Ransomeware Protection in 2016 for 1 year. So Pleased I opted in for the Lifetime renewal in 2017 for PC Matic & added 2 more products; PC Magnum and Driver Alerts. Covers 5 computers. NO REGRETS!

    • We’re glad you hear you are pleased with the product, and thank you for sharing your story! Have a wonderful day!

    • Since I took out the Dell Premium tech support the Dell Tech Support team calls me repeatedly saying that I have set up a scheduled call for Premium support to clean up my computer (I never agreed to this) – I have told them every time that don’t call me I will call you… there is no phone caller ID and the number can be from anywhere, they rarely call from the same number … If Dell does not go to US based tech support – I will not ever use their support again. Linda B

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