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Newly Released Malware is No One-Trick Pony

Russian Based Malware Found All Over the World

A new Russian-based malware variant, deemed SquirtDanger, has been spreading throughout the globe.  SquirtDanger was developed by a single, sophisticated author, who leaves the malicious distribution method up to the hackers.  However, the variant has been found spreading primarily through a Trojan download.  Upon infection, the malicious software collects data every single minute, and reports its findings back to the hacker.  The information collected ranges from screenshots, passwords, files, and even crypto-currencies.

With the plethora of information that can be obtained, both home and business users have been impacted.  Although, no specific industry has been targeted.  This malware has been used to cast a wide net, with the hope that several users bite.

Best practices to avoid becoming the next victim of cyber attacks include:

  • Keep operating systems updated
  • Use proper patch management to ensure third-party applications and software are kept updated
  • Take part in cyber security training
  • Be cautious of what attachments and applications users download
  • Install a security solution that implements application whitelisting

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2 thoughts on “Newly Released Malware is No One-Trick Pony”

  1. I am NOT…., I repeat “NOT” a Tech Head ~! I NEVER had to do ANY of this in the PAST ! And yet I didn’t experience ANY of the Problems that I am experiencing with PC Matic ? ? ? I will NOT = 1) Read Up on Software ! 2) “Become” a Tech Head ! 3) Spend my VALUABLE time on READING.., and DOING “updates” ! That is why I PAY YOU ! You need to FIX my PC ! And do it “NOW” !

    1. Bruce, I’m sorry you’re having issues with PC Matic. It looks like our customer service team requested assistance getting them a log file to help determine the issue. This log file will give them a lot of insightful information and help to solve the problem. If you’re able to, please respond to our team after following the log file instructions.

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