Kaspersky is having Twitter Trouble - U.S. government orders federal agencies to remove the antivirus.

Trouble for Kaspersky Continues As Twitter Pulls Their Ads

Twitter Pulls Kaspersky’s Advertising

Kaspersky Twitter trouble continues. The last twelve months have been rough on Kaspersky, due to speculated relationships between certain company officials and Russian intelligence.  The U.S. government was first urged to determine where they were using the security solution.  They were then given 90 days to remove the program and find an alternative security program.  Shortly thereafter, the private sector was urged to reevaluate their use of the program.  Next, Congress issued legislation banning Kaspersky from federal devices.

Since, the company has issued a lawsuit against U.S. Congress, reporting their claims are unsubstantiated and they were not allowed due-process.  The Department of Justice is working to dismiss Kaspersky’s lawsuit case.

Kaspersky is having trouble with Twitter.

Now, Twitter has pulled Kaspersky’s ads from their social media platform, stating the ads are not in alignment with the Twitter ad business practice, due to the company’s business model.  According to Fortune magazine, company officials were aware of the ban of their ads since January.  Eugene Kaspersky has since asked for clarification on the matter.

Kaspersky, the antivirus company is continuing to experience trouble with Twitter as the US Government is considering sanctions against Kaspersky Labs. Read more about the US Government considering sanctioning Kaspersky as a threat.

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