Tech Support Scams Continue to Evolve

Tech Support scams are continuing to become a very popular attack method for cyber criminals all over the world. We’ve covered them pretty extensively on this blog in the past but when they come close to home with a little new style we always like to share. The scammers came after one of our employees with a new tactic this week. Normally tech support scammers will get you with a cold call that your computer is infected and hope they can trick you, or they will use malicious webpages that show alerts or play sirens that you have a virus and need to call the tech support number on screen. PC Matic has implemented protections to keep our users safe while browsing from these infinite alert loops.

Here’s The Twist

In a little change of style, the tech support scammers called a PC Pitstop employee and left a voicemail that their credit card had already been charged and in order to get a refund you had to call them. Now, this is a red flag right away but our employee decided to call the number and sure enough the scammers said in order to get a refund he needed to allow them access to his computer. The tactic switches up the scam a little bit in hopes of worrying people that they were suddenly charged $700, but don’t fall for it!

You can read or listen to the full transcript of the voicemail message below –

” … credit card has been charged for $699.99 for one years PC tech support. If you want to cancel our services please call us at 888-815-6011 immediately.”

Scammers are always out to try and trick us into giving them some of our cash. Remember to stay vigilant and learn about the scams that are out there. All PC Matic users have access to the KnowBe4 Security Awareness training for FREE with their PC Matic license. If you or someone in your family hasn’t taken the training and would like to, please contact our support team for details on how to access it at:

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10 thoughts on “Tech Support Scams Continue to Evolve”

  1. I just got a call from them saying my card was charged 399.00 and it’s from number 18285225721 I knew it was a scam glad I looked it up

  2. I just got a similar automated call saying 399$ credit card charge for tech support etc etc. 206-430-1992 Seatle Wa number

  3. Got a call saying the same thing. # they left was 800.272.1761. I called and asked a lot of questions. They hung up on me. I have NOT been charged $699.99 on ANY of my accounts or credit cards. Don’t fall prey!

  4. They cold called us a while back. “Don’t do any financials on line.” Malicious software had infected our computers. I listened to the terrible conditions,they were our emergency online team to save us from financial ruin. Needed access to our system. I laughed told them “We have PC Matic”,they hung up. PC Matic has been great for us. As A small company we did not have resources to fight cyber crime. Having PC Matic, we sleep well. Thank you so much,you are the best.

  5. Monte McMurtry

    I love reading these articles, keep up the great work that keeps us on our toes and aware of new criminal tactics. Thanks pc matic you guys are fantastic

  6. Thanks for the valuable information. I would like to pass along a companyoutof California that ripped me off for over $100.00. I had found them on Google Search for help with different devices. Their name is: “Just Answer.”

    After you read on their website: “Money Back refund ” and click on it you get a message that says all “JUST ANSWER ” Correspondance has been transferred to a 3rd. part. No name was given.

    When I threatened to file a report with FTC and BBB they had a change of heart. It took a week to get the amount returned to my bank account.

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