Avoid Potentially Unwanted Programs With Simple Download

Potentially Unwanted Programs Are a Nuisance, Avoid Them Now

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) are a common inclusion on various downloadable programs.  Often times, they are found in free programs and applications.   Unfortunately, users do not take the time to disable these programs from installing in addition to the programs their intentionally installing.  Users become, as I like to call, click-happy.  Instead of reading the additional programs they’re giving permission to install, they click the “Next” button until the program is installed.

By default, these PUPs will download on the device, unless the user “unchecks” the box, to remove authorization for the program to download. This eventually leads to various PUPs being installed on the computer.  This could lead to multiple issues.  First, the PUPs take up memory space which could cause the device to slow down.  Secondly, if users are not using the program, they’re less likely to keep it updated.  Therefore, leaving the device exposed to unpatched security vulnerabilities.

A Potential Solution

Users are busy.  They likely don’t have the time or desire to read through every single document or pop-up while installing a new program on their device.  We get that.  Although, there should be some middle ground.  A program users may find helpful is Unchecky.  This downloaded program automatically unchecks unrelated offers.  By doing so, the program makes it less likely for a user to miss a checkbox of an unwanted offer or program.  Also, installers often try to sneak additional programs as a natural part of the installation. Unchecky warns you when you try to accept a potentially unwanted offer, which makes it less likely to be accepted accidentally.

Installing Unchecky

To install Unchecky, go to https://unchecky.com/.  Click the orange “Download” button in the middle of the screen.  After doing so, the unchecky_setup.exe will execute.  Then users must select “Install”, as seen below.

Follow the prompts to install.

Unchecky will automatically begin working when a new program is being downloaded on the device.  Also, when a new version of the program is available, the user will be notified, ensuring the device has the most up-to-date version available.

Using Unchecky

Users do not have to have the program open for it to uncheck the boxes to prevent installing PUPs while installing other software.  However, once installed, users will have a desktop icon for Unchecky.  Upon opening the program, users will see the screen below.

There will not be any activity within the “Activity log” until users download a program.


Using this program is entirely up to the device user.  PC Matic is in no way endorsing this product.  However, they do want users to explore options to enhance device security, at all aspects.

PC Matic would block any malicious program from installing or executing on the device.  However, often times these are legitimate programs, which users are giving authorization to install on their devices during the installation process of another program.

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9 thoughts on “Avoid Potentially Unwanted Programs With Simple Download

    • PC Matic uses a globally automated application whitelist which actively prevents any malicious files from executing on your device. It also has fileless malware protection, ad blocking technology, free cyber security training, PC optimization and maintenance tools, patch management and driver updates.

  1. hope this works. I’ve had PC Matic for a few years, but I seem to have something going on in my computer. I have to install Corel, Microsoft Publisher, my Epson printer, etc. quite a lot these days. My computer crashed a couple months ago, and this is the second time have to install these programs. Even The Shield, what’s going on. Mary

  2. I love Unchecky! It works great and I install it on any computer I work on. Especially good for those people who install things without reading what unneeded apps may be installed.

  3. Are you a Russian? Accessing area’s in boot records or dll’s is a major part of PC protection. The fact that both programs are alerting you to access to these areas is required for functionality. So as Putin would say, “Don’t buy PC Matic, stick with our Russian products, we did nothing to build in back doors”.

  4. The problem I have with PUPs is who to believe when a security program flags another program as potentially unwanted. The prime example is PC Pitstop itself. Malwarebytes, which seems to be a respected and trustworthy application, flags PC Pitstop as potentially unwanted. Who do we trust. When the situation descends into the realms of a petty spat, my reaction will always be, to give both programs a big miss. The fact that PC Pitstop has not taken strong action against Malwarebytes, has me wondering why. I use neither program now, and will not until the situation is resolved, with both parties agreeing to a factual position.

    • @Brian:
      No comment moderators ??
      Is PC Pitstop a potentially Unwanted Program or not. Malwarebytes still believes so.
      This is why I will not use programs like Unchecky. Who decides what is, and what is not, a PUP.
      A potential solution to a potential problem. Think about that.

      • PC Pitstop does not make Potentially Unwanted Programs, this situation with Malwarebytes was resolved by working with their team to correct the issue and return to a normal status.

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