New Feature – Security Data Visualization

Today we released a new view in your management console to provide data visualization and insights into the activity and behavior of your devices. After logging in, check out the new default tab – Security Stats! Here you’ll see several views covering Device Security Status, Process Executions, Daily Files, and Malicious Scripts.

Chart Details

Device Security Status

Total Devices – Count of devices online each day.

CIDs with Blocks – Count of devices with blocked executions.

CIDs Known Bad Blocks – Count of devices with known bad executions blocked.

Block CID% – Percentage of devices with executions blocked.

Process Executions

Total Runs – Total amount of processes running on all devices. (non-unique)

Block % –┬áPercentage of executions that were blocked from running.

Daily Files

Total Hashes – Count of unique hashes run across all devices.

Unique Files Blocked – Count of unique files blocked across all devices.

Bad Files – Count of bad files across all devices.

Block % –┬áPercentage of files that were blocked from running.

Malicious Scripts

Total Script Runs – Sum of scripts run across all devices.

Bad Script Runs – Sum of bad scripts blocked across all devices.

Block % – Percentage of scripts that were blocked from running.

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