Lakeshore IT Solutions Capitalize on Partner Program Lead Generation Opportunities 

Lakeshore IT Solutions Capitalizes on PC Matic Pro’s Lead Generation Program

Rian Yablun, of Lakeshore IT Solutions, recently shared his experiences with the lead generation opportunities offered to PC Matic Pro partners, and how the Lakeshore IT Solutions team is capitalizing on these opportunities.

“About two years ago, our Synnex representative asked if we would be interested in signing up to become a PC Matic Pro reseller.  I jumped at the opportunity, although needed a bit more information.  I, along with several others, were under the impression PC Matic was only for home users.

After familiarizing ourselves with PC Matic Pro, we found it to be a great solution, and our customers are drawn to the PC Matic Pro application whitelisting technology provides.

Beyond offering a great security solution, they also offer a solid partner program which includes lead generation distribution.  The leads we receive from PC Matic provide close rates that are a heck of a lot better than any other lead generation program we’ve been a part of.

For instance, just a couple weeks ago a lead was brought to us for an Illinois consulting firm.  Not only were we able to convert them to PC Matic Pro, but that one lead referred us to another 10 companies.  All of which, we are in the process of converting to PC Matic Pro.   In addition to enhancing their security solution, we’re also able to work with them on their other information technology needs.

Not long after receiving the consulting firm referral, we also received a lead for an Indiana school system.”

Jim Galuska, another reseller from Lakeshore IT Solutions had to say about his experience with the PC Matic lead generation program,

“Without the lead generation program offered by PC Matic Pro, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with Cannelton Schools.  PC Matic Pro’s David Austin, was available to walk us through the installation process through active directory, making not only the installation, but also the deployment process incredibly efficient.  Having PC Matic Pro support services available at the drop of a hat makes a world of difference.”

Rian wrapped up our interview with the following statement,

“Our partnership with PC Matic Pro has been phenomenal.  It has opened the door for new customers, and even some older customers.  It’s been great to be able to talk about the PC Matic Pro technology, and really helps to present us in a different light.”

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