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Top Success Tips for PC Matic MSPs

Introducing the Product

There’s no doubt about it, there are a lot of security vendors available. But how do customers know if they’re really getting the best of the best? Often times they don’t.  They continue to use the same product because of sheer convenience, instead of researching which product will keep their information best protected. It is time to shift the focus.
The best MSPs listen to their customers. They don’t listen to respond, they listen to learn. Here are three key pieces of information each MSP should know about potential security solution customers:
    1. What security solution are they currently using?
    2. Do they like it?  If so, why?
    3. Are they any features or issues they dislike?
It is important MSPs learn what their potential customers’ needs are and then leverage the benefits and features of PC Matic to help sell your services. Here are a few key pieces of information to keep in mind while tackling potential customers security concerns.
  • PC Matic and all of our products are made and supported in the USA. Many customers are very interested in an American made Antivirus and PC Matic provides that.
  • Ransomware is top of mind for a lot of businesses and PC Matic has outpaced our competition and traditional antivirus solutions in preventing ransomware.

Making the Sale

Our MSPs can leverage the vast featureset of PC Matic to help bring on new customers and transition existing ones. From ransomware prevention to increasing device longevity, PC Matic provides tools to help your customers and you save on costs.

Sizzling Sale Points

  • Increased Asset Longevity – With an eye towards supporting even legacy systems, PC Matic’s full performance suite can help your customer’s devices run at optimal performance longer; saving device replacement costs.
  • Lightweight Security – That critical moment of work hits and suddenly an AV scan kicks off and brings your computer to a screeching halt. PC Matic lead the field in AV-Test’s most recent performance test, removing the old thought that your AV has to slow you down.
  • Remote Management – PC Matic MSP’s cloud console expands on the management capabilities you would normally have over a device with your antivirus software. You can leverage our capabilities including, CMD Prompt access, Remote Desktop,  Remote Reboot and more to assure customers that you’ll be able to help troubleshoot and assist in an instant.

Selling Resources

We’re not leaving you out to dry either. Our team is available to help assist you on calls or with customers talking about the features of PC Matic.  Our team will also create customer branded collateral for you to use! Just reach out to your sales associate for insight on available training, collateral, and custom branded pieces.

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4 thoughts on “Top Success Tips for PC Matic MSPs”

  1. Thomas Swietek

    I am not sure if this is the right place to comment on a recent experience. My screen froze with some scam about a “porno something, or other” and could not exit it. Had to call Microsoft to move it. I thought that this is something that PC Matic would have automatically taken care of. Unfortunately, I did not copy done the exact title that I could give. I wonder if any one else has seen this.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Thomas, depending on the way the scam propagated PC Matic’s browser ad on can help protect against it. You can reach out to our customer service team for assistance checking if you have the browser add-on installed and where to get it if not! They’re available at pcmatic.com/help.

  2. Down loaded PC matic. On android tablet can’t open file..had to download PC magic app. What’s the difference of the two. Paid for PC matic what to do?

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