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Application Whitelisting – The Future of Security

Whitelisting Begins to Take Over Federal Security

Application whitelisting, or the concept of only allowing known trusted programs to execute, is not new.  As a matter of fact, PC Matic has been doing it for almost a decade.  Over time, other security providers jumped on the bandwagon as well.

With the increased offerings of application whitelisting agents, and the government urging its use, it’s not surprising the Department of Defense and Homeland Security are using application whitelisting solutions to restrict the apps that run in their IT environments.  In addition, they’re using this technology to block threats such as phishing attacks and spam.  Forrester analyst, Chase Cunningham states,

“You’re probably looking at three years, at least, before it [application whitelisting] is largely used across the entire federal industry, but it’s a glacial shift that’s coming.”

By implementing an application whitelist agent, the risk of malicious cyber attacks executing substantially drops.  A National Institute of Standards and Technology’s computer scientist,  Murugiah Souppaya, states,

“If a solution can be bypassed easily, some users will choose to do that to run unauthorized software.  Malware may take advantage of the configuration weakness to execute.”

Instead of waiting for your existing solution to fail, it is time to be proactive.  After all, cyber security threats are advancing every day — shouldn’t your security solution do the same?

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