PC Matic Teams Up with IDShield to Offer Identity Theft Protection

IDShield offers PC Matic Customers Exclusive Discount

As breaches become more and more prevalent, keeping your personally identifiable information safe becomes increasingly important.

PC Matic has now teamed up with IDShield to offer exclusive discounts for identity theft protection plans.  PC Matic users are able to save 10% on an individual identity theft protection plan with IDShield, at $8.95 per month.  Family identity theft protection plans, for up to 10 members, are now 24% off, at $18.95 a month.

Your monthly protection plan from IDShield will include these market-leading benefits and features:

Privacy and Security Monitoring

  • One of the first things criminals do while stealing your identity is changing your address.  IDShield offers address change verification for immediate notification of alternate addresses used on financial applications, accounts, etc.
  •  Actively monitors current and new loans, as well as credit records for suspicious activity.
  • In addition, IDShield provides court record, social media and internet monitoring.  IDShield users will be notified promptly of any questionable activity appears using their name, address, social security number, or any other piece of their personally identifiable information in court records, or online.  This timely notification will allow users to make the necessary changes to their login credentials, avoiding them from falling victim to scammers exploiting this information.
  • IDShield’s monthly credit score tracker allows users to see their credit score for the month and compare score trends month over month immediately upon logging into the IDShield dashboard.
  • Your IDShield plan comes with a $5 million service guarantee.
  • IDShield’s family plan provides protection for the personal information for two adults and up to eight dependents, under the age of 18.

Licensed Investigative Services

  • Unlimited consultations with fully licensed investigators
  • Full-service restoration services with 24/7/365 access for emergency situations

Additional Protection & Services

  • Keep passwords secure with IDShield’s Password Vault
  • Reduced mail and phone solicitations
  • Keep banking information secure with lost wallet protection
  • Obtain a free annual credit report
  • Learn various identity protection tips

Disclaimer: This is offer is available only for new IDShield customers.

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19 thoughts on “PC Matic Teams Up with IDShield to Offer Identity Theft Protection”

    1. No, it is not required all parties have PC Matic on their computers. (Although, for security reasons — they should!) 🙂 If you have any other questions, let us know!

  1. I have an older Dell laptop with XP. I never use it online now! If I enroll PC MATIC with ID SHIELD WOULD I be safe using this computer online?

    1. Yes, PC Matic and IDSheild are a great combo to keep your computer safe from threats and keep your identity and information safe online!

  2. I constantly get too many advertisements that I have no interest in, does PCMATIC stop and or block these annoying advertisements? I’m sure companies like facebook and google out there are selling our email addresses to any one that will pay them. I hate that the worthless (do nothing) congress lets this happen! HELP!! Dave Lewis

  3. If I already have ID Shield, and PC Matic, can I convert to the PC Matic discount plan for my family?
    IDShield is excellent, my wife was hacked and IDShield resolved everything for us.

    Thank you,

  4. PCMaticLifetimeCustomer

    Is there a discounted lifetime membership to IDShield to PC Matic Lifetime members? If so, please forward that information to us and also a simple listing of the attributes of this service. Thank you.

    1. To my knowledge–there is not. They are currently just offering the discounted monthly rates. However, you may contact their support team to confirm. Thanks!

  5. A while back I thought I saw that IDShield also monitors your Passports for your family. Will that be covered if we sign up under the PCMatic logo. I do know that I am using LifeLoc at the moment and they are much higher for just the wife and myself. I will be able to save $$

    1. Hi Andrew, yes-passport monitoring is available through IDShield.

      If you have further questions, please reach out to IDShield support. Have a great day!

  6. Hi Wayne. Thank you for your message. I have exactly the information you are looking for. Please email me at paul at pcpitstop dot com and I will send along to you.

  7. Wayne D Peterkin

    I have ID protection through Allclear ID. I asked IDShield for a comparison of features in a simple spreadsheet format that would help me decide whether to keep what I have or convert to IDShield. So far I have seen that comparison. If I can get an easy way to compare the features of both products, I may well convert.

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