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Software Updates for PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP Users

The Second Quarter Leads to Additional PC Matic Pro and MSP Upgrades

Over the last three months, the PC Matic team has been working diligently to increase the efficiency and software functionality of PC Matic Pro and MSP.  During this time, three significant changes have taken place.

Security Data Visualization

This specific addition allows users to get the following information at a single glace:

  • Device Security Status
    • Total Devices – Count of devices online each day.
    • CIDs with Blocks – Count of devices with blocked executions.
    • CIDs Known Bad Blocks – Count of devices with known bad executions blocked.
    • Block CID% – Percentage of devices with executions blocked.
  • Process Executions
    • Total Runs – Total amount of processes running on all devices. (non-unique)
    • Block % – Percentage of executions that were blocked from running.
  • Daily Files
    • Total Hashes – Count of unique hashes run across all devices.
    • Unique Files Blocked – Count of unique files blocked across all devices.
    • Bad Files – Count of bad files across all devices.
    • Block % – Percentage of files that were blocked from running.
  • Malicious Scripts
    • Total Script Runs – Sum of scripts run across all devices.
    • Bad Script Runs – Sum of bad scripts blocked across all devices.
    • Block % – Percentage of scripts that were blocked from running.

Interactive Tour

This new area in the Pro and MSP portals breaks out several different tours, including how to whitelist programs and schedule scans.  This option can be found in the user portal by clicking on the bus icon.

Application Blocked by SuperShield Alert

Lastly, we addressed false positives.  A false positive occurs when PC Matic Pro or MSP classifies a non-malicious file as malicious.  To make false positives more manageable, the PC Matic team developed a new, Application blocked by SuperShield, alert.  Although this may be more of a minor addition, it gives the users a new alert to see when an application was blocked on a machine and how many times it was blocked.  Therefore, allowing the appropriate officials the ability to stay on top of false positives!

To read the full Q2 PC Pitstop Newsletter, click here.

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