Scammers Target Fortnite Users with Android Expansion

Fortnite Users Anxiously Await Android Version – Falling for Scammers in the Process

This summer’s “it” game, Fortnite, will soon be expanding its compatibility features to include Android devices.  Although this may be great news for gamers — it may come at a price.  The game’s developers have decided to make downloading available only through them, instead of using the Google Play Store.  This decision has been criticized as the Google Play Store vets apps before making them available.  Theoretically, this would mean only secure, and malware free apps would be in the Google Play Store — which we all know isn’t exactly accurate.  By allowing the game to be downloaded outside of the Google Play Store, there is no certainty this security vetting has taken place.

However, this security concern likely will not prevent users from downloading the Android version once it is available.  To download Fortnite for Android devices, you need to click here and sign up to be notified when it is available.  Any other URLs, apps, or offers to download the program are not legitimate.  If the game is downloaded from any other location users run the risk of installing malicious software.

Currently, Fortnite has 125 million users.  Their user base is projected to increase with the expansion into the Android market, as there are two billion devices used worldwide that employ the Android operating system.


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1 thought on “Scammers Target Fortnite Users with Android Expansion”

  1. This is such a serious problem. I don’t understand why the major governments of the world don’t get together with UN create a Digital Fraud Squad. There is so much waste in Governments we could easily fund this!

    Thanks for keeping us protected PC Matic!

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