An Antivirus Protection That Never Quits

Antivirus Protection that Never Quits — What Every Customer in the World Needs

Cyber security threats are evolving every single day.  As customers of antivirus solutions, you need to demand better products.  You need to demand an antivirus protection that never quits.  But what would that look like?

Consistent Innovation

First, is the need for consistent innovation.  If a cyber threat does get through the antivirus’ layers of protection, the development team must identify the weakness and evolve the protection to thwart future attacks.  However, this rarely happens.  Often times larger providers are not concerned with attacks that impact a handful of people.  This creates two problems.  First, what if you were one of those people?  Or what if you owned a business and your systems were infected.  You would want to know your solution provider is doing everything they can to reduce future risks.  Secondly, the success of smaller attacks only increases the concern of hackers scaling the attack at a much larger level.  If they do this, it will be successful, because your antivirus provider likely isn’t proactively evolving their technology to avoid their customers falling victim again.


Secondly, the antivirus solution should automate as many features as possible.  Often times users are not diligent with updates and executing security scans.  Automating the process of scheduled scans and software updates will minimize the risk of users failing to complete these tasks.

Prevention Vs. Remediation

Third, the antivirus solution must be proactive when it comes to cyber attacks.  Traditional security programs employ what is called a blacklist approach.  This means the antivirus would only block programs known to be bad, which were on the blacklist.  All other programs and actions, even those unknown in terms of security, were allowed to execute.  However, this no longer works.  Security threats are evolving every day, and keeping a list of all known bad files is impossible.  As an alternative, there is an automated whitelist technology.  This allows for only known good files to run and has been proven far more effective in thwarting today’s cyber security threats, including ransomware.


Antivirus vendors often find themselves complacent with their technology — unless they are losing money.  The only way for them to lose money is for their current customers to find a better solution elsewhere.  There are three things you must ask yourself.

Do you know if your current antivirus solution is making advancements to keep you protected? Do you know if they offer automated scanning and software patch management?  Lastly, do you know if your antivirus provider is still detected malware based on the archaic methods of a blacklist?

You must know what you’re current antivirus is offering, and if you find yourself displeased — it is your obligation to demand better security.  It’s time the world has an antivirus protection that never quits.

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One thought on “An Antivirus Protection That Never Quits

  1. I love this product been using it for 2 years purchased a lifetime subscription after the first year of use. I have 2 older computers and running Windows 10 on both of them. The support is excellent and it is an excellent product that is Anti Virus, Ad Blocker, Cleaner, Driver updater and probably more all in one package.

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