New Feature – Blocked Status Info

We’re so excited to launch your new central location for blocked applications. The Blocked Status Info tab gives you easy access to any applications that have been blocked in your environment along with resources to research them, and a button to easily add to the whitelist.

From within the report, you can access several different resources to research a file if you’re unsure what it is. On the left side, you’ll see the PC Matic Research Teams designation for that file and whether it has been added to our Global Whitelist since it was blocked on your machine. On the right side, you’ll find other resources if you still need to research an unknown file.

  • Virus Total – Run by Google, Virus Total is a renowned source for scanning files against its 60+ malware engines.
  • Cuckoo Sandbox – PC Pitstop’s custom Cuckoo Sandbox results will be available if we have them for that file with a unique score for how malicious that file may be.
  • Meta Scan – Also known as Meta Defender, this service uses 35 scan engines to give a fast report on a file according to a large number of malware scanners.

If after checking out some of the resources you still don’t feel comfortable adding an unknown file to your local whitelist, copy the MD5 from the Additional Info section and send it to the Tech Support team using their contact information from your management portal. Our team is always happy to check on a file and if it’s good, expedite the process adding it to the Global Whitelist for all of our users!

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