Pentagon’s Defense Department Suffers Security Breach

Defense Department Breached, Leaving 30K Employee’s Information Exposed

Last week, the Pentagon confirmed its Defense Department was breached, impacting approximately 30,000 military and civilian employees.  The information breached included personal information and credit card data.  At this time, there is no evidence any classified information was compromised.

Although the Pentagon just confirmed this breach, department officials reported informing leaders of the cyber attack on October 4, 2018.  The exact dates of the breach remain unclear, leaving the exact magnitude of the breach unknown.  Therefore, the number of employees impacted is expected to increase as the investigation continues.  During the ongoing investigation, the Defense Department determined the breach involved a single, undisclosed commercial vendor.  This vendor remains under contract, but the department has made assurances the vendor will be “ceasing performance under its contracts“.

As the department continues to investigate, proper notifications will be sent out to those impacted.  Officials also reported fraud protection services will be provided to all victims.

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3 thoughts on “Pentagon’s Defense Department Suffers Security Breach”

  1. It’s called “GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOVERNMENT WORK”! It’s not their money, it’s the unfortunate taxpayer that picks up the tab. The government workers get their pay and their bennies far in excess what can be made in the private sector. They don’t even have to show up for work. And vendor’s get paid regardless. Anyone notice how everyone in government pleads the 5th, get’s off scott free and collects their full pay, and never get fired?
    I didn’t think so. No talent, no cares, no responsibilities – AT PREMIUM PRICES! LOL!

  2. “the vendor will be “ceasing performance under its contracts“.
    Well that’s surely reassuring.
    Vendor responsible gets to cease something, no penalty & the contract conditions have to be involked.
    This is not the high standard we expect from the Pentagon.
    Vendor bonds & heavy financial penalties are one very obvious solution as are routine audits.

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