VARs and MSPs Face Security Excuses Daily – Here’s the Top 5 Rebuttals

Today’s Top Cyber Security Excuses MSPs and VARs Face

Often times value added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) hear how cyber security has already been addressed within an organization.  Therefore, trying to get potential customers to entertain an alternative solution can be a bit tricky.

Here are the top excuses VARs and MSPs are faced with today, followed by the best ways to refute these statements.

My team has cyber security covered.

Great!  Often times it’s an afterthought.  Would you mind going into a bit more detail?  Is your current security solution prevention or detection focused?  Are you deploying a technology that utilizes an application whitelist?  How are you managing software patches and driver updates?  Are you using multi-layer authentication?  Is your current solution also keeping your servers secure?

**The more questions asked, the more likely they will begin to understand that cyber security is far more than simply utilizing a firewall, or blacklist antivirus.  You’ll also want to customize the questions asked to provide an emphasis on the product you’re attempting to sell.

What I have isn’t terrible, plus I have cyber security insurance if it fails.

Do you know what exactly does that policy covers?  Reputational damages your brand will suffer after a cyber attack?  Or the downtime experienced?  Or the loss of productivity and decreased sales?  Also, did you have a security assessment completed prior to purchasing the insurance policy?

**If not, offer to conduct a security assessment and offer proactive solutions to prevent cyber attacks from executing.  Also remind them, security assessments are not a “one and done” kind of process.  Cyber threats are evolving every day, with new attack vectors being used as time goes on.  Continuing to assess the threat landscape and how your business stacks up is critical to staying one step ahead of cyber criminals.

We’re just a small business…

Cyber crime doesn’t discriminate, in fact, hackers have been known to target small and medium-sized businesses because they’re believed to be less secure than a large enterprise.  When a cyber attack infects a small business, it can be detrimental to the business itself.

We don’t have the budget for cyber security.

Good cyber security products don’t always cost an arm and a leg.  In fact, there are products made in the U.S., that offer a proactive, preventative approach through application whitelisting that are affordable and effective.

If businesses opt out of cyber security protection, they will soon find themselves the victim of cyber criminals.  Depending on the type of malware executed on the systems, businesses could find themselves completely inoperable.


Until a business falls victim, they’re hesitant to switch security solution providers.  It’s the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach.  However, when it comes to cyber security, if your solution fails you, it will cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars.  Do you have the money, time and energy to devote to a complete IT overhaul?

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