Latest Ransomware Variant Demands RDP Access to Decrypt Files

New Ransomware Demands RDP Access

A new ransomware variant, CommonRansom, has been discovered running in the wild.  This particular form of ransomware will encrypt user files with the .CommonRansom extension.  Post encryption, the victims receive a ransom note demanding a .1 bitcoin payment and access to their RDP ports.

CommonRansom Demand Note by BleepingComputer

If users enable RDP ports and give the hackers access, they could find themselves in more trouble.  Yes, they may get their files decrypted, but they also may find themselves with a slew of new malware installed on the device.  By allowing the hackers to take remote access, the user will not be able to see what the hackers are doing, nor will they be able to control what goes on.

Therefore, victims are strongly discouraged from meeting these ransom demands.

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