Hackers Attempt to Sell Details from 120M Facebook Accounts

Facebook Account Details for Sale on Dark Web – But Facebook Denies Breach

Hold on…if account details are for sale, who else could have leaked them other than Facebook?  Considering how interconnected everything is, it’s entirely possible a third-party application suffered a breach or even a browser extension.  The exact route that leaked the data remains unknown, but the social giant is adamant, it is not their fault.  This time anyway.

Earlier this year, Facebook was involved in a scandal after it was revealed Cambridge Analytica had improperly accessed user information in an attempt to sway political votes.  Then in September, the company faced another security breach that affected almost 50 million users on its platform.  Then last month, cyber attackers stole data from 29 million accounts using an automated program that moved from one “friend” to the next. 

According to The BBC, hackers recently published private messages from 81,000 Facebook users’ accounts in an attempt to legitimize its claims to have more data.  They’ve reported having details from approximately 120 million accounts.  The cyber criminals were attempting to sell the remaining data for 10 cents per account.  However, they have since been offline, without anyone taking them up on their offer.

Even if the social media company is not directly involved with the data breach, their platform is still associated with the leak.  At some point, users will begin to question just how secure their information is on this platform.  If and when this happens, Facebook revenues will drop — meaning dissatisfied investors.  Perhaps it is time the company took cyber threats seriously and began properly safeguarding its user’s data.

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6 thoughts on “Hackers Attempt to Sell Details from 120M Facebook Accounts

  1. I had my phone hacked at tge last Facebook breach. Time to close my account before I have to pay to change my phone number again!!!!!

    • @Mike Gaskin: Pretty sure Alex Jones would disagree with your statement. Remember it is “Protected” Free Speech or “Censored” for YOUR protection. “The net is forever.” ONLY if you COMPLY. Just sayin’.

  2. I have long limited information available on Facebook. They have my email, friends FB accounts and some photos (mostly of my cats), date of birth (supposedly hidden) and a few other details, also supposedly hidden. Being a bit privacy-minded, I have intentionally limited data I told FB about. I do NOT put in where I went to school, where I used to work, etc. What they don’t know can’t be leaked.

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