Android Hit with 40% More Malware in 2018 Than 2017

Android Malware Increases 40% Year Over Year

According to a recent analysis, mobile malware has increased approximately 40% in 2018.  The analysis showed over 3 million malware variants had been identified by the end of the third quarter of 2018.  The spike in samples is only supposed to continue, with projections putting the year-end total of malware variants near 4 million, about one million more than what was seen in 2017.

With Android owning a vast majority of the mobile market share, it comes as no surprise hackers would target their operating systems.  Theoretically, it makes sense.  Why target an operating system that only has a 20% percent market share when you can go after the one that 80% of users have access to?

But it’s more than just the operating system…

Various factors could make the device vulnerable to attack — such as the quality of the phone.  If the quality of the phone itself is bad, then it may generate issues retrieving the latest updates from Android.  Without having the necessary security updates installed, the devices are more prone to falling victim to a wide range of attacks.

In addition to the lack of updates, there is a serious lack of on-device security used for Android devices.  For those using PC Matic, you have access to protection for your Android device.  First, to go to the Google Play Store and search for PC Matic for Android.  Then download the application and log in using your existing PC Matic credentials.  If you are not using PC Matic, you may either check with your existing security solution to see if they offer mobile protection, or purchase a mobile protection plan from another vendor.

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If you couple the lack of updates with the lack of security software, and top it with a lack of security awareness, you get the perfect storm making Android the prime target for attacks.

What can do you do stay protected?

  • Only download apps from the Google Play Store.  This isn’t fool-proof, but they have at least been vetted at some level for security.
  • Install a security solution on your mobile device
  • Take part in cyber security training
  • Keep your operating system and apps up-to-date

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