U.S. Government Begins Sharing Malware Samples

Malware Samples Shared Between Public Sector & U.S. Government

According to the U.S. Cyber Command, the Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF) will be sharing different malware samples with the public sector.  It is believed by doing so, the U.S. government can better serve the public to actively thwart cyber attacks.  So far, different malicious variants have been uploaded to the malware search-engine and repository, VirusTotal.  However, according to MotherBoard, those that have been uploaded by CNMF have already been seen in the wild by various cyber security vendors.

Collaboration is Good, But Not Any More Effective…

The idea of collaboration between the government and the public sector is great.  However, since the samples that have been uploaded aren’t new to the industry, this has yet to better equip the public sector from falling victim.  Therefore, this sharing technique isn’t making the archaic blacklist anymore effective.

Instead of adding more cooks in the kitchen, perhaps it’s time to find a more efficient way to protect data.  Other areas of U.S. government, like the US-CERT, DHS, and NSA have encouraged the use of application whitelisting as a more effective means to prevent cyber security attacks.

It would be best if this whitelisting solution was automated, and developed here in the U.S.  Click here to find a solution that meets these requirements.

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