Russian Hackers Impersonate U.S. Officials In Cyber Attack Scheme

U.S. Government Targeted by Russian Hackers

On November 14, 2018, a Russian hacking group known as APT29 or Cozy Bear, sent out emails impersonating State Department public affairs specialist Susan Stevenson.  The email included a malicious document, claiming to be from State Department official Heather Nauert.  The end goal of the attack was for users to ignorantly download the document, which would install malware.  The malware installation would give the Russian hackers a wide range of access to the user’s IT network. 

The email was distributed to various targets, including military agencies, law enforcement, defense contractors, and media and pharmaceutical companies.  Additional information identifying which branches, contractors, or companies are not being disclosed at this time.  Officials are also opting not to disclose how much damage resulted because of this attack.  

Although various resources have confirmed APT29 is linked to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Russian officials have adamantly denied any involvement with APT29 or any other cyber attacks targeting the U.S. 

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19 thoughts on “Russian Hackers Impersonate U.S. Officials In Cyber Attack Scheme”

  1. Private US companies in large part have invested heavily in technology in guard against cyber attacks. Unfortunately they have little to no interest in sharing it or working with government. It’s great to beef up our military but it’s the cyber wars and Internet security-related that we need to get under control, not just with Russia but China , N. Korea, etc.

  2. Do you think our own government commits identity fraud on its own people? After all! They want everything we have! Lol! Russians maybe come in second! Lol! Think my mail add. will be compromised from this site? Lol!

  3. “the Russians are good people… They make me lots of money”. I’m sure it was our own CIA doing it and not my rusky friends

  4. D Michael Sandness

    I received E mails from the Sec of State Mr Pompeo. Which of course is stupid, being I’m not in Government and why in the world would he contact me?!?

  5. The US Should have to implement protection from this hackers.maybe we should attack them the same way.President Trump,dont ever trust Mr Putin.

  6. Everyone knows that the orange idiot is not going to do anything about this so write your congress people and include the link to this story.

    1. @Ken Tower: Is that, by chance, the same orange idiot who did nothing about Syria, nothing about the North Korean dictator, nothing about high unemployment in the US, nothing about the stagnant GDP in the US, nothing about a tax break for US citizens, nothing about the manufacturing jobs that Zerobama pronounced “gone for good”, nothing about the ISIS threat, nothing about the illegal immigration mess Zerobama left this country????? Too bad we don’t have more orange idiots in high offices. But worse, you are so misguided, you think Congress can do anything???…. and THAT will be further exacerbated by the Dumbo Dems control of the House of Representatives. Maybe you would like to go back and finish 4th grade.

    2. @Ken Tower:” Everyone knows that the orange idiot is not going to do anything about this”
      And the idiots who preceded him did? If so, how did Russia manage to influence the ’16 election as is being claimed?

  7. Any info on what exploits were used in the attached document? If it’s one of the NSA zero-days that were stolen it’s another sweet irony. If they won’t tell us who exactly was targeted, does that mean the information would give away something they’re investigating or methods used to track where these phishing emails were originating from? Usually when they say “it’s cozy bear” that means someone in EU are tracking them. Effing Russians.

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