PC Matic Earns Recognition for Best IT Anti-Malware Solution

PC Matic Awarded Best IT Anti-Malware Solution by American Security Today

PC Pitstop, the makers of PC Matic were awarded the Gold ASTORS Award for the Best IT Anti-Malware Solution by American Security Today earlier this week, in New York City.

American Security Today’s 2018 ASTORS Homeland Awards Presentation Luncheon at ISC East was an overwhelming success.  The ceremony brought business and government professionals from across North America and the Middle East.  In attendance were representatives from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as leaders in private security.

During the luncheon celebrating this year’s winners, co-founder, and publisher for American Security Today, Michael Madson stated,

“As the nation continues to respond to escalating threats from home and abroad, the innovative solutions being implemented to meet those threats, has led to tremendous growth in the fields of Homeland Security and Public Safety.”

“Today, the United States is increasingly focusing on protecting IT/cyber security networks, and government and security professionals are calling on innovative companies like those honored with 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Awards, to help them do so.”

To see a list of all of the 2018 ASTORS award winners, click here.

Regarding the award recognition, PC Pitstop founder and CEO, Rob Cheng stated,

“We are honored to be recognized as a leading anti-malware solution for the second consecutive year by American Security Today.  This award represents two things.  First, our dedication to malware prevention, and how that will never waiver.  Second, our continuous growth to actively thwart not only today’s cyber threats, but the attack vectors criminals are using as well.”

PC Matic’s security solution is focused on malware prevention and detection, with the use of application whitelist technology.  In addition to their automated whitelist, PC Matic has added malicious script blocking to thwart fileless malware attacks.  They have also determined RDP attacks have grown substantially year over year.  Therefore, they developed an added layer of security to mitigate the risk of RDP ports being exploited as an attack vector.

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3 thoughts on “PC Matic Earns Recognition for Best IT Anti-Malware Solution

  1. Hi my name is Guadalupe Alvarado, and I had my Laptop cleaned and the PCmatic was deleted while it was being service . Also, my email address has changed because AOL no longer exist for my computer. My old email address was galvarado0428@aol.com. MY NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS galvarado0825@gmail.com
    I already downloaded pcmatic onto my compter, but it is asking for my email address. I need to update my account and I need support help to do this. Please call me at my cell phone 210-818-4529
    Thank you
    Guadalupe Alvarado

  2. I have had lot of help by having PCMaTIC was having lots problems and costing me money for fixers to get my pc back to working. now when i get shut down by so called problems I shut down an restart.if I get a phone call that I need there products to protect my pc I tell them I have the best now and its American made

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