Feature Improvement – Blocked Status Info

With input from our users, we have made several improvements to the Blocked Status Info tab that was added earlier this year. We want this tab to be as useful as possible with all of the information and action in it that you need.

  1. Default view now loads with only Uknown applications. This gives you a fast way to see blocked applications that may need action from you. If the application was marked good or bad by our team already it won’t load by default anymore.
  2. Current Status will display whether an application will be allowed to run in the future or not. Because you can override our teams decision locally, you will see the Current Status change if you whitelist or blacklist a file locally different then what our research team has decided.
  3. Cleaning up the clutter. Removing all of the buttons and colors that previously crowded the right side of the report, we have added in simpler dropdowns that allow quick action with the chaos.

If you have feedback on the Blocked Status Info tab or any other area of the product’s UI, be sure to submit it in the UX/UI Suggestions form in the Help Center!

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