Hackers Steal Resources from Make-A-Wish Foundation

It’s always been clear criminals of any kind typically don’t follow, or even have, a moral compass.  There are the “really bad” criminals, that do things warranting a life sentence.  And then there are the “slap on the wrist” criminals who have minor legal infractions and pay a fine or do community service to wipe their debt to society clean.  But, what about those that fall in between?  Someone like a cyber criminal, who steals money from you in a tech support scam.  Or a hacker who corrupts a hospital’s network, putting patients at risk.  Are they just as bad as those that out-right rob a bank?  Or those that physically put one’s life in danger?  Or do they get a pass because they’re miles upon miles away?

Everyone will have their opinions; however, it should be known these criminals are just that — criminals, and are stooping to new lows…

Crytpo-Jackers Steal Make-A-Wish Foundation Resources

According to CCN, hackers have recently installed the crypto-mining malware, CoinImp, on Make-A-Wish Foundation’s website.  Crytpo-mining malware monopolizes the device(s) central processing unit (CPU) resources, as well as the network’s bandwidth, in an attempt to mine for crypto-currency.  Since the company’s resources are being spent on crypto-mining, the speed, efficiency, and overall functionality of the network are highly impaired.

Fortunately, the foundation was able to identify the vulnerability quickly and remediate appropriately.  It is believed the vulnerability was within the management system, Drupal.  The foundation then identified and removed the crypto-mining malware.

This particular system vulnerability was made public earlier this year.  Meaning, a patch to prevent malicious attacks such as these has been available for months.  It remains unclear if the foundation patched the Drupal systems to prevent the vulnerability from being exploited again.

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