PC Matic Makes Major Enhancements During Q3

Throughout the third quarter, our development team made some significant enhancements to PC Matic.  

PC Matic Revamps Android Product and Enhances SuperShield

These new developments include a revamp to our Android product.  The backend of the PC Matic Android application has been completely rebuilt from the ground up with our newest release. We’re so excited about our new application for Android devices that takes a whitelist based approach to security just like PC Matic for Windows! We really believe this change in security will provide unprecedented security for Android devices in an era of growing mobile attacks. In addition to the change to whitelist focused protection, we’ve also made adjustments to improve stability and scanning times. Stay tuned for more improvements to the Android app in the near future!

We’ve also improved SuperShield’s malware quarantine ability. When known bad applications attempt to run on your computer they will be blocked from running as usual, but will now immediately be put into quarantine and removed from your device. This change will drastically decrease the amount of time it takes for bad applications to be quarantined and cleaned up.

PC Matic Pro Improves User Interface and Protection Capabilities

Now let’s go into the changes that will impact our business users.  PC Matic Pro has implemented a Blocked Status Info tab within the user portal.  This new tab provides a central hub of blocked applications across your environment with an easy path to locally whitelist or blacklist an item without having to drill into the individual machines page. We have also tied in several research tools including links to Virus Total, Meta Defender, and our own Cuckoo Analysis Sandbox results for you to view. The PC Matic Research team’s analysis is also provided within the report. We think this new central location for locally whitelisting will save you time managing your devices!

Additionally, our team has replaced the BITE (Business IT Evaluation report) and Maintenance Stats reports with a new Reporting tab. It includes detailed information from the Security Stats Report along with performance information formerly in the BITE report that can all be looked at with a glance or drilled into by machine.

Lastly, PC Matic Pro introduced the ability to disable RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) from the Endpoint Vulnerabilities tab located in the management console.  This feature provides insight into, and action over, any machines with RDP enabled and any machines with User Options for Super Shield available. Both vulnerabilities can be disabled right from the report.

Now Offering Additional Training Resources for VARs and MSPs

Now, don’t think we forgot about enhancing the user experience for our VARs and MSPs.  In Q3, we’ve added: “On Demand Sales Training Sessions”. We’re always working on expanding the resources available to our partners to learn more about our products. Recently we introduced an on-demand training session with a quiz to test your PC Matic knowledge! Check them out below.

Training Video – pcmatic.me/SalesTraining   Quiz – pcmatic.me/SalesTrainingQuiz

To read the Q3 PC Pitstop Newsletter in its entirety, click here.

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2 thoughts on “PC Matic Makes Major Enhancements During Q3

  1. I have been advised by PC Matic, that a correction is in order to allow a DELL Computer App to work, without interference by “Super Shield”. The app from DELL, is called: SupportAssist, and works on Windows 10. Do you have any idea when this will happen?

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