Ransomware Drives 44.53% of Users to Reconsider Their Antivirus Solutions

Ransomware attacks are taking place daily, and increased news coverage is making the public more aware of this cyber threat.  The same can be said for another cyber threat, crypto-jacking. Not long ago, computer users would have no idea what either of those terms meant. Now, increased awareness is leading users to reconsider their antivirus solutions.

The Results Are In…

In a recent survey conducted by PC Matic, 44.53% of respondents reported reconsidering their current antivirus provider due to the recent news stories related to ransomware and crypto-jacking.  Of those who are reconsidering, approximately 10% have already changed providers.

In addition, 17.4% of respondents reported either they or their company, have been hit with ransomware.  However, only 50% of those who have been infected have switched antivirus programs in an attempt to prevent future attacks.

Perhaps, most importantly, 100% of survey respondents who stated they were currently using a confirmed automated global whitelist antivirus program, reported they have not been victimized by ransomware.

To read the Q3 PC Pitstop Newsletter in its entirety, click here.

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