Whitelisting Keeps the Education Sector Secure

Four Months of Data Exposes Malware Trends

From January 2018 to April 2018, PC Matic Pro accumulated various data points while school was in session at a 1,000 endpoint school.  The goal was to gather as much data as we could regarding the protection we provide to these institutions and to identify any trends. What we found was pretty astonishing.

As shown by the graphs, there were multiple timeframes when 40-60% of devices online saw malware blocked that day.  In addition, nearly 400,000 executions were monitored on a daily basis, with days of 6% or more being blocked as malicious.  

Looking at the Device Security Status graph, you will see the orange plots, between the green and blue areas.  The orange areas represent all of the unknown files PC Matic Pro’s application whitelist prevented from executing.  Approximately 2-6% of these unique files were proven to contain malware.

Whitelisting Keeps Schools Secure

Had this particular school been running an alternative security solution that deployed a blacklist as its primary method of malware detection, they wouldn’t last a day without some sort of malware infection.  Thankfully, they’ve chosen the automated global whitelisting solution, PC Matic Pro, to keep their data and devices secure.

To read the Q3 PC Pitstop Newsletter in its entirety, click here.

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