Crypto-Mining Tools Used for More Than Mining Digital Currency

Hackers Exploit Crypto-Mining Tools

Crypto-mining tools are often legitimate, meaning they will run on a device without having issues.  These software programs are what people use to mine digital currencies, which again, is completely legal if done on machines you own.  However, hackers have found alternative ways to use crypto-mining software, beyond its original purpose.  According to CNBC, the latest risk includes using the crypto-mining software to steal intellectual property, impersonate employees, and steal user credentials.

Since these hackers are using a legitimate software program to execute the malicious activity, it is incredibly difficult to block these threats.  However, businesses should never ignore crypto-mining tools running on their network.  These software programs are robust and require a significant amount of resources to mine for digital coins.  Even if it is a legitimate program — companies, unless in the digital currency business, should remove mining software immediately.

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5 thoughts on “Crypto-Mining Tools Used for More Than Mining Digital Currency

  1. I got in an argument with My VPN provider over their need to have exposed ports. WHy do htey have to be visible? That seems a worse issue that having my ip known.

  2. i have been trying for months to see if my pcmatic super shield is working
    When I click on the super shield it is red
    I have emailed a great numbers of time with no response
    Am i paying for something I do not have on my computer
    I f some one would please please help me to find the answer to my problem

    • Hi Jane-
      I’ve emailed you the last email response our support team sent to you. Please follow the instructions within that email. If you continue to have problems, please reply to my email.

      Thank you!

    • @Jane: You need to store or re-enter the username & password. If that doesn’t change things, download and install again. Be sure to uninstall old download first. Then enter your username & password on the new download.

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