Cyber Criminals Target University of Maryland Medical Systems

Another Medical Facility Targeted By Cyber Criminals

The University of Maryland Medical Systems (UMMS) suffered a malware attack over the weekend.  According to officials, the cyber criminals executed the attack during the early hours of December 9, 2018.  Within hours of the malware being installed on the network, employees identified the malicious activity and took systems offline.  Fortunately, the quick response meant less than 1% of UMMS devices were infected.  In addition to minimal device impact, operations were able to continue with minimal disturbance as well.

The exact attack vector, or how the malware crept into the network, remains unclear.  It is also unknown what type of malicious software infected the systems.  UMMS officials have reported it was not ransomware, and there is no risk of a data breach due to this cyber attack.

UMMS, law enforcement, and digital forensics teams are working together to gather as much information as possible.  Hopefully, this will lead to answers for those questions that remain unclear.

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