No, That’s Not Your Antivirus – Exposing Tech Support Scams

Antivirus companies have been the target of scammers for quite some time now.  The primary reason being, customers trust their security solution vendor.  Therefore, if you call, who you think is your antivirus solution, and they want remote access to your PC, you’ll likely give it to them.  Big mistake.

How are they doing this?

First, they’re bidding on adwords within Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  Meaning, malicious ads for fake support phone numbers show up at the top of the page.  Often times, users won’t research the phone number listed to ensure it is a legitimate number.  Instead, they see it, call it, and fall victim.

These scammers are also posting on various social media sites claiming to offer phone support for security solution providers.  Again — they’re fake. You also may notice how the website or videos they’re referring users to are also removed within weeks of being published.  Do you ever wonder why that is?  It’s because of trademark and copyright infringements.  These scammers have no right to use copyrighted logos or use company names if they’re trademarked in URLs.

For example, I called the phone number listed on, and was disconnected.  Below is the conversation I had with them when they called back.

This URL has since been removed.

If you are a PC Matic user and need assistance with your subscription, please submit an online help desk ticket at  PC Matic does not provide phone-based support and is not affiliated with any third-party company that claims to offer this service.

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