Facebook Bug Exposes 6.8M Users’ Unsaved Photos

Yet Another Facebook Bug Leads to Leaked Information

Some of us have done it — uploaded a picture to Facebook, and then decided not to hit “Post”.  What we don’t know is that the social media platform keeps a copy of that picture.  What they do with it, or why they need it remains unclear.  However, thanks to a bug the photo application program interface (API), these unshared images for 6.8 million users have been leaked.  Company officials reported approximately 1,500 third-party apps may have had access to these unshared images because users granted them permission to access their Facebook photos.

The social media giant confirmed the bug in its photo API was present from September 13th through September 25th.  Facebook identified the security issue on the 25th, and was able to resolve the bug that day.

Rough Year…

This is far from the first security concern facing Facebook this year.  In March there were numerous reports regarding concerns of Cambridge Analytica using data on Facebook users to influence the 2016 presidential election.  Just months later, the company went public with another security breach that impacted 50 million users.  Now, as 2018 comes to a close, Facebook added another security issue feather into their hat.

Let’s just hope for the millions of users throughout the globe, the company will take measures to avoid falling victim to more security issues in 2019.

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11 thoughts on “Facebook Bug Exposes 6.8M Users’ Unsaved Photos

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  1. We don’t use Facebook and never put any photos on social media of any kind. We are not that savvy, we just weren’t interested.

  2. Zuckerburg is evil and he’ll stop at nothing for a lousy buck. Never joined Facebook period. It’s over rated and friends are over rated!

  3. I don’t use Facebook anymore — haven’t for four or five years — for more reasons than covered here, but I won’t go into that. I value these subscription artricles from PC Pitstop and would like to keep them in my email files but note that there’s no link for emailing this and other PC Pitstop pages for both sending to others (to recommend PC Pitstop) and to keep in my own email files. Why not?

    • You can always find and share our articles by copying the link in the top of your browser and sending it to someone. All of the articles are saved on techtalk.pcpitstop.com so you can always come back and enjoy them!

  4. Interesting about the Facebook Bug for the ELECTION, because I was registered to vote from home, as well as several other people that I know, and NONE OF US received our BALLOTS to VOTE. Makes me wonder if OUR VOTES WERE CAST by SOMEONE ELSE.

  5. Most all of the online social media providers have a EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) which basically says (usually in lawyerspeak) “Anything you post belongs to us.” If Steve King posted a paragraph from one of his books on social media, said social media company would say that they now own that book. I’d like to see the lawsuit resulting from that little encounter.

    “There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust or edit your content. We are controlling everything.”

    Is this legalized ransomware? Or outright theft of all your stuff?

  6. If Facebook is so bad, why do you only use it to forward your articles? Why not Old fashioned e-mqail? I bailed out of Facebook when I realized that they would do nothing to stop the robbery unless the gov’t used a sledge hammer on them. The Gov’t has already sold their soul to Facebook and others and will continue with Kabuki theater.

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